Can estrogen pills give curves

can estrogen cause a bigger butt and bigger hips and bigger boobs?I'm 16 and havn't developed for chest isnt even full enough to fill up a size A cup.I am compleatly curvless,yea I know and I'm 16 and I hate the fact that I havnt if I take estrogen pills will it cause me to get curves meaning a bigger butt & hips like JLo?

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well with breast all you need to do is drink milk but your hipz will grow depending on what you eat

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You've still got another 6-8 years of growing to do...

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You're too young to be taking estrogen...long term it has a LOT of negative side effects. Plus like all the above said you are still developing..I was flat chested until I finished school and then at age 19-20 my breast started to develop...I am now a B just give it time.

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these people are dumb! you should have curves and cup A at your age! and I have the same problem as you... People use estrogen for cancer treatment so it isn't bad and plus it does so many good things!! research it, also (I don't know what kind) but there are herbs that give you bigger buttocks, and consuming lots of protein. There is a book called "womans body Bible" for bigger butt, Glutimax for bigger butt. And also Estrogen is mainly for the enhancement of breasts.

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You are only 16 years old and no doctor is going to give you estrogen pills. You still have time to develop. I didn't get a chest (I'm still a 36A) or curves until I was 17/18 years old. Some people just develop later than others.

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