Can dogs sense paranormal activity?

Here it is in a nutshell.. basically my house is very old and it has been in a book because dr lewis lived in it (if you dont live in Jersey you might not understand that) but anyway he died here and my dogs have always barked at night. And I wanted to ask this question now because as we speak my dog is growling at my wall and wimpering and hiding behind me. But there is nothing there and no noises. Also my old dog did the same thing. Just wondering what people think..

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nope my dog is so calm and hardly ever barks… :/

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yer that makes total sense and is very creepy as I have GCSE’s coming up and am worrying my butt off. That is why I am up now. I have got insomnia from too much stress… :/

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I believe they can. my dog does that, too. she’ll just stare at nothing for a really long time at night when she goes to bed with me. its creepy!

Answer #4

Yer so much paranormal activity has happened here such as the tv turning on randomly and light turning off.. and also my room can suddenly go very cold.
my dog is still growling.. its freaking me out.

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I think that dogs can. At my old house I use to live in, and it was VERY old, I sensed some paranormal activity. and every time I sensed it, my dogs would freak out and just bark or hide, and nothing would be there.

Answer #8

you guys are scaring me. lol

Answer #9

I think that they can sense it. I definately believe in paranormal activity also. Be careful. I would take care of it asap and I wouldn’t do anything that lets any spirits dwell in the atmosphere. Evil Spirits dwell on negative attitudes, angry people inside the home, messy houses, and thoughts that you have. They often target certain people or things. I only know this from watching documentarys on circumstances like this but I wouldnt mess around too much by putting too much energy or thought into it otherwise your just feeding it. does that make sense?

Answer #10

Their hearing and smell is so acute, that very little in the outside world gets by them…things people can’t hear or smell… doesn’t have to be inside for them to hear or smell it.

As far as knowing good people from bad, I don’t think they are necessarily good at that either…however they are masters of reading body language, and they can smell the adreneline and other hormones that get released when someone is angry or fearful…Many times these are just the people who may do someone harm…


Answer #11

no such thing as paranormal activity. lol, people think that?!!

Answer #12

call ghost hunters!!! :DDD lol. thats would be amazinggg ahhh! haha

Answer #13

I have always wanted to know what it was like to live in a haunted house. I think it would b really interesting. of course if I actually do end up living in one I would wet my pants. but weather or not you live in one. it depends on your dog. if you usually have a quiet dog and he does that. then there is a good chance that your house is haunted. but if your dog is a little yapper like mine who always barks for no reason then I think your alright :D

Answer #14

disz isz really freakin me out…I wuldve been up outta that house by now jusz liek flowerchild

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Yes they can. I know that sometimes my dog will be on my bed at night and start growling and looking back and forth at something she sees in my bedroom that I can’t see. I will turn on the light and nothing is there that I can see but her head goes back and forth as if something is moving. My apartment is very old so I know there is a lot of history there but she senses things I can’t see.

Answer #16

Pets do sense an ‘spirit/ghost’. I lived in a home that occupied a spirit. The events only began after I started landscaping and clearing out overgrown weeds/bushes. After paying attention to specifics, I had a discussion with a neighbour who lived next door for many years. The original owner of the house I lived in, was always working outside to make his home look inviting and relaxing. I believe he came back ‘to life’ once I started bringing things to his liking. There were noises, shadows in windows, doors slamming, dogs were barking non stop or would stare at the door and wouldn’t come into the house - I had to pick them up and bring them inside. We (spirit and I) had a loud discussion one night after doors were slamming, dogs wouldn’t stop barking … told him I knew who he was, there was room for him in his home but the disruptions had to stop. For some reason I wasn’t afraid of him. The dogs still barked at times but the other noises stopped. This spirit built his home by himself, he died from cancer, his wife committed suicide shortly after. It was his home and he was protective of it.

For those that don’t believe, I didn’t either before that incident. Since then, there have been other kind spirits since.

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