Can best friends really fall in love?

ok im 17 with a b/f but I’ve also ben best friends w/ Todd for 10 years we grew up together and he has helped me w/ everything we have always been so close hes been spending the night w/ me since I cant even remember when we’ve always flirted but in a different way I mean we got “married” when we were 8 and I kicked a guy in 4th grade for him lol we have little nicknames for eachother and every where we go people think we are a couple I live in TN and he recently moved to Cali I’ve never had such a hard time I cried more when todd left than when my mother died he has been my entire family since I was 7 I have all these feelings for him we tried dating for a little while and it was the fastest most romantic relationship I had ever been in but I got really scared that if we were together too long and broke up I wouldnt ever get my best friend back my b/f is gr8 and I care about him so much but Todd well hes my todd I cant even begin to explain my feelings for him he calls me at least once everyday and we can talk about everything what do I do hes coming back for college but im only a junior so I wont be @ MTSU for a year and 7 mnths but hell be about an hour away this coming fall please help I think im in love w/ my best friend?

Answer #1

I fell in l0ve with one of my friends. im afraid to tell him how I feel though. +he has a girlfriend that will fkn start sh!t with me./

Answer #2

yes you can fall in love with your best friend! they say to be friends first! you guys gotta talk again and see whut is the best thing to do! i mean why not go ahead! i think if you guys do decide to go and get into a relationship n it dont work ask if you guys will continue to be friends all in all! that is the main thing! you no things do go wrong but can you guys remaine friends after that!

Answer #3

…your lover should be your best friend. My advice for you would be to really have a heart to heart with Todd, and tell him exactly what you wrote here. Well, it seems to me that the best relationships … the ones that last – are frequently rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.The only thing that hurts more than having a crush is having a crush on your best friend, because i no your going to be scared about what happens “if” the realtionship doesnt work out.I think thats a chance you HAVE TO take. You and todd are more then friends, because friends dont care about each other the way you and todd care about each other. So go for it girl! Oh..and about your boyfriend… i would tell him to hit the road. You have some serious business to work out here, and i wish you the best of luck! Just remember….” your lover should be your best friend”

Answer #4

Oh my Im going through the same thing but im 15 and we are seen as a couple, his family says we’ll end up marrying eachother but are other best friend has a history with him and she can’t get over him for the life of her even though I know there officially over. Shes a great firend and i don’t want to hurt her and I can’t choose whos relationship is more important. What happened with you and Todd, I’d like to know and if you would give me some advice I would really appriciate it Thanks.

Answer #5

lax20 is right, tell him how u feel. But when I told my best friend how I felt, she said that she “likes” me but doesn’t “fancy” me. We’re still best friends though…

Answer #6

Well i have nothing to say other then i know how you feel. Im going through that right now. This girl has a boy friend, but she is more closer to me though..she talks to me more, we do everything together. we recently got “married” (like you guys). Well i hope everythings has worked out for you. But i would realy appricieate if you can leave me some advice, i kinda asked the same question. Thanks!!

Answer #7

well some best friends do fall in love and if you think you love this person and you want to be with him then i think you shoukd go for it

Good Luck!!!

Answer #8

I thought the goal was to marrie your best friend. Call me crazy but it sounds like you are a perfect match.

Answer #9

okayy best friends can fall in love like my boyfriend I have now ezra yeahh he was my best friend and I liked his friend david but I don’t know how it happen we are now a couple and it’s great and everything so it’s possible you could still love him but if you can’;t see your best frined and you have a future togather then why waste your time of being bestfriends? lol

Answer #10

wow. same thing happened to me. i am also 15 and i told her about a week ago and she said that i was like a brother to her and she couldnt see herself going to with a brother, but she also said that it sucked cause she knew i would be a amazing boufriend. i really really love her and i need some advice on how to get her to like me. we know everything of each other and we are really close. plz help me.

Answer #11

Amm., you know we hAve desaMe fellings.I love my bestfriend but I’m afraid because maybe if the time will come,we will be in a relationship,then we will broke-up,am afraid that our friendship will broke also.I really felt very sad and confuse about it,.

Answer #12

Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! Oh you people will never guess what!!! I have three best friends. Two girls, one guy. His name is Tommy. Let me tell you the story. My best friend Brittany thought Tommy liked me as a friend better then her and got upset and me and Tommy taught her a lesson by pretending to date, although I actauly liked him. She FREAKED! She was crying, so I “broke up” with him and he told Emma and her friend who were conferting her the plan and said I had nothing to do with it. He saved my butt. Now she knows I like him and I FINALY told him too! Like a week later which brings us to right now, I was talking on the phone with him and he said how he felt when he met me: He was, shy and didnt know what to think. When I met him this is what I thought: I didnt like him and kinda found him anoying. Thats what we told each other. Now hes glad Brittany intruduced us to each other and so am I! He admitted he liked me and I asked him if he would go out with me. He was like “sure” and I was like “REALY!?” And now we’re dating!! This actauly answers your question because he IS my best friend and we DID fall in love. But we have to keep this secret from Brittany and everyone. OMG! My heart is pounding it almost hurts!! I am sooo in love and happy! My life just made up for itself. I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! <3 <3 <3 <-hEARTS!

Answer #13

Well can best friends fall in love yes but then again no. See me and my best friend we are really close like ill do anything for her and she is the same way. We talk about everything together and just the other day I told her that I loved her and she said I love you to lol. I says no like love you love you so I broke down and told her everything. Her reply was what I wanted to hear but then again it wasn’t. she had told me I was the perfect guy and that she loved me and that she wants to but is scared. I said scared of what she says to loose you as a friend what if we got into a big fight and ull never talk to me again. I says you shouldnt worry about that and that I love her to death.She got out the car hugged and kissed and got drunk and fell asleep THE END

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