Can a certain kind of condom cause a fishy smell during sex?

I had sex and for the fist time it smelled NOT PLEASANT.I have been active for a year and never had this issue. It does not smell fishy before or after showeing. I was wondering what could be the cause? Cold it be the condom? In-balancement of an sort? Help! I am freaking out.

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if might be your bodies reaction to a distruption in pH or something else down there but it could also be the condom.. I know that latex can have a nasty smell and most condoms are latex so it could just be that.. I wouldnt stress too much bout it.. maybe get better smelling condoms?..

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I dunno only thing I think or heard of smelling "fishy" is the know.

sooo clean a bit better maybe.. oh no offence I dont mean to be rude.

had sex and the condom was stuck inside me can i be preganant?

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