How many calories are there in water?

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Usually none, some flavored waters do but its not much

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Water doesn't really have calories.
It has usually around 1-2 per litre though. The actually chemical H2O has no calories.

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Theres no calories in water, that is why water is healhty for you.

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flavored water usually has about 10 calories per serving.. regular water has none.

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0 cals in regular plain water, flavored water, vitamin water and carbonated depending what kind you get and flavoring can deoend on it too

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Pure water (H2O) contains zero calories. A slight amount of calories could be traced due to impurities and small amount of minerals.

This is also the reason why [although it has been practiced by just about anyone] we shouldn't drink plain water when we are dehydrated and/or when we have diarrhea/vomiting.

Plain water will [surely, it will] just quench off the thirst, but it will not replenish the calories, electrolytes, and minerals lost during diarrhea/vomiting/sweating.

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water is liquid air man.
so none

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No Calories in water.
I.e, 0 Calories


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None. Normally all that is in water is a few minerals. One being fluride which helps teeth etc

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