What does it mean when you call someone's cellphone and it says something like, "the number you're trying to reach has dial restrictions that prevent this call"?

But at the same time they can call or text me from their phone?

Answer #1

Ur number cud b blocked?

Answer #2

But then why can they recieve my texts, or at least I think they can, and they can text me and call me, but I just cant call them?

Answer #3

Are you trying to call privately, by blocking your number?

Answer #4

Try calling with an unblocked number, or it cud b the service that they have

Answer #5

No, im just trying to call and I get that message, but they can still call and text me and as far as I know they can still get my texts.

Answer #6

I would if I had a home phone or could borrow someone’s.

Answer #7

:it says, “this message cannot be sent.” for blocked text messages, and, “this number has calling restrictions which prevent the completion of this call.” for phone calls. verizon can block up to 5 numbers from calling or texting your cell phone for free, for only 90 days, for a permanent bock you have to pay a fee each month.” I guess this answers my question. =/

Answer #8

Push *67 then the number, c if that works

Answer #9

blocked for sure hahaha

Answer #10

Maybe if you changed your NAME,….I’m just saying,…it’s a little scary!

Answer #11


Answer #12

my brother has these and i use to. My parents would make it so i couldnt use my fone from 11pm - 5am. So i couldnt recieve or texts or calls and couldnt call or text anyone, except my parents within those times.

Answer #13

I like my name so suck a d*ck if you can get someone willing to let you. :)

Answer #14

I figured it out, it’s a long story, but they didnt know they had me blocked. Aha

Answer #15

Cool I’m glad u figured it out

Answer #16

Thank you. :)

Answer #17

Ur wel

Answer #18

IuiYou know some other person my age would probably report that as just down right rude,honey! Regarding your question, that means the person you were calling set their phone to specifically block YOUR PHONE NUMBER. See,….the number you were trying to reach (whoever you called)-that person went to “settings” on their phone, apparently, and set it up to where your number is BLOCKED. I red in one of your comments that it says “this message cannot be sent”. Again, it looks like whoever’s number you sent that message to, has done the same thing on your number for their messages. I would pay this person a visit and tell them if they didn’t want u to call or text them, why didn’t they just TELL YOU!! Would have saved them some money and it would have saved you a lot of misery. Dont call them anymore and dont text them,okay? They are mean. I apologize for saying your user name was scary, but to me it was. I mean, I don’t know about u, but I always was taught that Satan is the same thing as the Devil. And I was always taught that the Devil was an evil “person”. And ALOT of people were also generally taught that. I hate to see u into any of that, whatever it means. So block their calls and messages,….I would, just to say,..how does it feel?

Answer #19

Oh,…I forgot to mention, in regards to your little message to me,….I am married and have been to my husband for 17 years! I’ll give him the message, you know,…..I’m to do what u told me to do, if i can get someone who is willing to let me,….He will be pleased, as always!! :) Cathey Snell

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