Is it normal that my calf muscles are uneven?

ok so one of my calf muscles is bigger than the other one... what can i do so they are both equal i mean is that normal or should i even them out is this confusing cause thats what i think anyways yea......?

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It's not uncommon to have larger side pairs. See most of are blessed with a dominant side. Some have better motor skills on their right side and some on their left. If you are athletic you will find the muscles will develop more on the dominant side.

To answer your question, I am sure your calf size isn't much different than it's partner. The undersized calf could be developed more by simply exercising it more than the other.

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Yes that's normal. No person is perfectly symmetrical, often people will find one feet bigger than the other, one hand bigger than the other, or a breast larger than the other, etc.

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