What do you think about Burger King now doing home deliveries?

Answer #1

Personally thinks its just another way to make america lazier. Although will power is the key.

Answer #2

I have not heard of that. I guess it’s just another way to compete with other fast food joints for customers. If it works for them, then the other chains will follow suit.

Answer #3

Plenty of lazy folks out there no doubt.

Answer #4

yea lol. But cant really blame that on fast food because they should know better. People know whats healthy. If they want to be healthy then they will if not they wont. Even if there is no fast food they will still find ways to be fat and lazy lol

Answer #5

Just another way to make lazy fat people lazier and fatter. What is this world coming to?!

Answer #6

I know its sad

Answer #7

Ah, to appeal to the lazy people. I guess it’s a business ploy that won’t do the people much good. Hopefully the people will use their judgement. I won’t lie, but delivery for McDonalds sounds pretty good.

Answer #8

Fast Food and delivery sounds to me nonsense. So in that case this is not a fast food! and fast food is when you have no time!

Answer #9

I don’t get it. You are in a hurry. You can call in a burger order to BK and wait for delivery or you can throw a frozen burger patty on your George Foreman grill and make your favorite burger in the same amount of time. Fast food is handy when you are going someplace and can’t cook but I don’t see the value in home delivery. There are several meals I can make quickly at home that I like far better than fast food burgers.

Answer #10

McDonald’s and Burger King have been doing it for a while in New Jersey and New York, along with faxing in orders. I truly and honestly believe we have hit our all time low to laziness and need to stop. America is becoming lazier and lazier as the months tick on soon we will just have to scan our face to get what we want and even that will be too much for some people. Its bad enough we are the fattest nation we shouldn’t be proving other countries stereotypes as a lazy country true as well.

Answer #11

haha well as long as people can make good judgement on their health choices. wouldnt be bad every once and a while

Answer #12

haha well as long as people can make good judgement on their health choices. wouldnt be bad every once and a while

Answer #13

:D I kind of wish they did that here lol, I’m a lazy butthead.

Answer #14

Yea but you are in good health. Not fat at all :p

Answer #15

That I’m going to gain weight.

Answer #16

I could see their benefits of business or workplace deliveries. As people with a limited time for lunch, dinner breaks, or in extended meetings would order in groups so they don’t have to waste the additional time traveling. But home delivery, when a BK is likely within walking distance or a 2 minute drive…I don’t get it. Have to wonder who got the Supersized bonus for coming up with that idea, though?

Answer #17

In my opinion it’s very stupid, i mean come on it’s BURGER KING =/

Answer #18

I didn’t know they did that

Answer #19

some states they do

Answer #20

All I can say is WOW

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