What bucket lists do my fellow FA members have?

things to do before you die

Answer #1

Bucket list?

Answer #2

things you want to do before you die

Answer #3

A list of things you want to do before you die. Have you seen the movie ‘The bucket list’? It’s quite goood :P

Answer #4

I’d like to: -Lose weight! -Skydive (which I have never done!) -Trek through India

Answer #5

:P Ohhh, I live under a rock, so of course not! :D

Answer #6
  1. Tell a whole bunch of people I don’t like off! (Which is practically everyone in my school haha).
  2. Take a bath in a tub entirely full of rubber ducks! (I have an obsession with rubber duckies.)
  3. Skydiving! But someone would probably have to kick me out of the plane.
  4. Travel the world!
  5. Get married.
Answer #7

rubber ducks? ok then

Answer #8

YES rubber ducks haha. I love them, I’d start a whole collection of them.

Answer #9

thats a tiny bit odd

Answer #10


  • Witness something truly majestic
  • Go to Vegas
  • Climb Mt Everest (or an equally challenging hill)
  • Join the mile high club
  • Egg a house with John McEnroe
  • Meet a genuine Buddhist monk
  • Pee off the Eiffel Tower
  • Have sex to “Eye Of The Tiger”, it motivates you
  • Go to Gettysburg
  • Sponsor a child from a third world country
  • Run down the motorway in my boxers waving a lightsabre, screaming “I AM A JEDI”
  • Meet Bear Grylls
  • Attain omnipresent supergalactic oneness
  • Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world
  • Change somebodies life
  • Train a Penguin to attack a picture of my ex
Answer #11

Countess: You live under a rock? YOU’RE PATRICK STAR!!!

Answer #12

mine is more of a wish though.. yeah i would want to: -would want to lead the crowd on something -Adjudicate at least for once -get married to a tall,handsome,nice,caring,honest faithful figure.lol -have a beautiful family of 3. will sure love to visit india.

Answer #13

How would Eye of the tiger be motivating? haha

Answer #14

1.Walk across the country of Liechtenstein! 2.Get into Cornell University

  1. Climb a mountain
  2. Go to a horserace
  3. Get married
Answer #15

HAHAHA pee off of the Eiffel Tower? :D

Answer #16

Sky Diving seems to be popular here. I’ll second that.

As for my other ones, I’d love to;

  • Get married
  • Have a great family
  • Grow old with the woman I love
  • Have a successful life
  • Be happy, no matter where life takes me.
Answer #17

Top 3 to feel fulfilled:

  • Get my BEd and teach as an elementary teacher
  • get my bf to propose to me :P
  • have kids I love and who love me back <3

aside from that:

  • touch and effect many lives as I can for the better
  • teach in a third world country
  • build a school in a third world country
  • travel Europe with my lover
  • get a puppy from the humane society
  • watch the Stanely Cup and Super Bowl LIVE with my lover ;)
  • meet Dwight Howard <3
  • meet Will Smith <3
  • dive off a cliff and into an ocean
  • fly a plane
  • jump into a crowd of people :P
  • buy my daddy a chevy camaro
  • buy my parents a house once they retire
Answer #18

Renee, have you not seen Rocky? the song motivates rocky throughtout the movie when he’s fighting in the ring

Answer #19
  1. Travel to Kashmeer (once its safe)
  2. Go on a road trip in a jeep
  3. See the march of the emperor penguins
  4. Pet a koala
  5. Get into a great university and graduate
  6. Find my true love and get married to him
  7. Have 4 kids
  8. Kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland
  9. Go mud sliding
  10. Have a movie marathon
  11. Kiss in the rain
  12. See the Northern Lights
  13. Climb a mountain
  14. Travel around Africa
  15. Help a homeless person
  16. Live in America
  17. Go to a fortune teller
  18. Sit in the audience of a tv show
  19. Have a food fight
  20. Watch the stars with a person I love
  21. Swim with dolphins
  22. Ride an elephant
  23. Adopt a child
  24. Go on a hot air balloon
  25. Hike through a rain forest
  26. Go to Japan
  27. Meet someone famouse
  28. Go to the great wall of China
  29. Have a positive effect on someone and their life
  30. Get a tattoo
  31. Milk a cow

woah!! Thats all I can think of now :)

Answer #20

Well, I’ve completed numbers 2, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 25 & 27 on your list. I feel rather accomplished.

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