bruce lee in mma?

4 martial artists or fight fanatics how do yall think bruce wouldve done in the octagon? I read that in his weight class he excelled in boxing and that he was one of he 1st people to come up wit the idea of learing different styles and adopting techniues 4rm other other styles that work and sum people have dubbed him the father of mma so how do yal think he wouldve done in the cage

Answer #1

yea iagree but knowin bruce and his commitment and work ethnic he wouldve easily over came that problem

Answer #2

he would have done okay, I doubt his ground game would be complete enough to compete with today’s MMA fighters

Answer #3

I’ve heard of the book of 5 rings my musashi miyamoto love the guy but iguess your rite and I agree that sum stories did sound alil far fecthed like him punchin a guy 15ft back wit one punch I saw that on youtube and it was more like 3ft but the guy who he performed it on did say it hurt like hell and advised not 2 demonstrate that on anybody else again I mean sum of it was based on truth like his incredible speed impresses me the most and he was really strong for any person and he had that great strength 4 someone in his weight class I believe he wouldve dominated that weight class now im not sayin puttin him up against a heavyweight like randy couture or brock lesnar now in cage just due 2 sive and streght they wouldve won and beat him but in a street fght where anything goes and he specialized in that due 2 his losses of fights in his youth randy or brock probably wouldve had a lil more trouble

Answer #4

well I understand that but im sayin like what if mixed martial arts wouldve been around back then im not ayin how uwd he do if he was stillalive I mean I believe he still wouldve been bada$$ and sum one you dont wanna mess wit because mma and street fighting are really different but im sayin howu think he wouldve done in his prime before his back pain and headaches

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