Breaking your own bone

To all of you who want to know how to break your own ankle/wrist/arm/leg.. whatever it may be...

Stop asking questions like this. Even if someone told you how, it is pretty much impossible to do because your body has a defense mechanism.

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How do people commit suicide then, geez, people break their own bones all the time apparently in some people there is a faulty defense mechanism.

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Although I can understand where mmc613 is comming from, there is a good deal of logic in your reply mysticunicrn.

Sometimes one does need to read between the lines to get to the underlying problem.


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Let's not promote suicide? You really don't know who will take you seriously...

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If you believe this just simply don't answer their questions...

Homemade hard casts for broken bones!

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mmc I disagree with you on this one. To you it may be a stupid question, but to me, there is no stupid questions. It is just stupid to not ask questions. So please stop telling people they are asking stupid questions.
Wanting to break a bone goes a little deeper than what it is. Although I do not believe you should do anything to cause yourself pain, there are some people that need the attention just like someone asking if they look good. If they come on here and gets some attention and it is diverted to some way other than harming themselves, then this website has done its job.
If you think questions are stupid on here, then just ignore them. NO body and especially 13 to 18 year olds need to be told they or their questions are stupid. I bet they get enough of that from their school.

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just fall with your arm out in front of you

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I've tried lot of stuff but cant figure out how to break anything I've found out that th most commonly brocken bones are acollarboe and a wrist ways to braka collabone are putting your arm staight out and landing on it or car acidents buy its hard to do those on porpuse as forur wris hitting it with something heavy thats 5-7 lbs or putting it in warm water and then in a freezer then just pushing it backwords trust m I've tried all of theses many times and they dont work and now im jusat sore maby they will have more sucsess 4 you though

Exp. Condom

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