Things can you not eat when you have braces?

What kinda things can you not eat when you have braces? Just curious what the braces people have to go threw

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I got braces today

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sticky stuff is a no no according to the dentist no hard bread or pizza crust I dont have braces but I have a retainer those are the rules for me

Answer #3

They say that your not aloud to drink alcohol, fizzy drinks, hard bread..or any hard foods such as; biscuits,apples,chocolate ect.. but I have had mine now for just over a year and getting them off soon and I have eaten and drank everything they told me not to..and so have all my friends and none of us have had any problmes :)

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Answer #5

your not supposed to eat sticky stuff…but I do so oh well

Answer #6

no gum!

Answer #7

ahhh im gettin braces friday im scared I dont no what to do help any one got any advice!!!

Answer #8

I just got spacers yesterday and well and hour after I tried eating a burrito well Not a good idea, it hurt like hell so I just eat icecrem and soup now but thats only because its just my second day havin spacers so I don’t know what to eat 2 but eatin food at schools not such a good idea either unless they have applesauce(dont eat pizza crust I learned the hard way)

Answer #9

hey! my name is ashley I got braces on march 27 2010 it hurt like hell at first they put a pink paper I though we were having ribs until I saw the dentist with a really sharp needal I wu=as so scared here are some advise:never let anyone slap you cause the medal stick will go through your cheek!TRUST ME if the dentist gives you a paper that says what not to eat listen to it bcs nce you eat it a week later it will hurt like the first day you got them dont eat chicken ribs ={ pork chops!I luv meat lol the first week only eat cup a noodles soups and yogurt nothing else the second week eat any thing like mash potatoes macoroni DONT DRINK soda juice it dosnt matter what kinda juice it is your braces will fall off!only drink water dont eat candy caramel you can eat pankakes without surup evry thing you eat turn it over and look at the sugar if it has more than 5 dont eat it ok good luck with your braces

Answer #10

you can’t eat toffy and taffy

Answer #11

braces hurt… it doesn’t really matter what you eat as long as you’re careful like me I didn’t change my eating habits… yah at first all I ate was mashed patios, a few weeks later I was chewing SHUGAR FREE (!!!) gum… popcorn is kinda hard but if you floss good and if you have a water pick it helps! buy a water pick anyways it helps even if you don’t have braces

Answer #12

ummm well a lot of things. sugarless gum, chewy candy with lots of sugar because it rots easier in your teeeth. ummm chewing into hard fruits like apples and stuff because the brackets can fall off. popcorn gets stuck everywhere and you cant eat corn on the cob.

when you first get them its better 2 eat soft fooods because they heart like hell. soda like coke

nut those are just kinda like be careful when you eat them. I dont eat the apples or the corn on the cob because that acually scares me but all the junk food I cant resist. basically nobody follows the rules

Answer #13

I just got pallet expanders today and they hurt really really bad!!! things to saty away from are all sweets, hard candy, taffy, things of that sort…my othrodontist said you can still have resses cups… you really shouldn’t eat popsorn either…not supposed to drink pop…stay away from all hard foods, such as hard pretzels, apples, baby carrots, regualr carrots, corn on the cob, but if you cut these fooda into very small pieces and floss afterwards, you should be fine. Make sure you floss after eating anythins that could get stuck, if you can’t brush after every meal, try and rinse out your mouth, just remember braces and expanders and stuff really suck, but you will have perfect teeth afterwards!

Answer #14

I gt braces yesterday. 2 days before christmas !!! I am in sooo much pain :O

Answer #15

when I had braces I was told a load of things I shouldnt have but I did…like biting into apples, pizza crusts e.t.c but I did and it was fne, I never had gum in all that time though…its impossible lol

Answer #16

Popcorn, pizza crust, hard fruits, sticky candy, citrus, all of that can be okay depending on how you eat it. Popcorn just gets stuck in there so its a pain to get it out, pizza crust is fine, I suggest you cut hard fruits, some gum is okay, like extra or 5, they aren’t like bubble gum that gets stuck, and sticky candy is okay as long as you dont smear it all over, citrus, let me explain, citrus is fine but my friend said that she broke a bracket while pulling it out of her teeth, Corn on the cob…I suggest you cut it off the cob even though I love it on the cob,hard taco shells are nothing to be afraid of if you are a taco fanatic then eat away I have top braces, and I am getting my bottom today! so EAT UP!

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