What can you eat with braces?

What can you eat with braces

Answer #1

I eat everything im not supposed to, and im getting them off right when he said I was suppoosed to. so it didnt effect my races at all. just dont chew on olive pits. I popped a bracket off doing that. :)

Answer #2

olah< I am an ortho tech and I say you can get away with eating mostly anything, just slow down and chew really carefully. avoid chewing ice and hard candies because it can create funky bends in your wires and make teeth move funny. …not good… also, depending how straight your teeth are already, you probably have certain size of wires in your braces. if they are thicker stronger wires, you can get away with chewing sugerless gum and more things, if they are brand new or your teeth still have lots of moving to do, they start off with really fine wires that could pull out more easily, so avoid gum and the sticky stuff until you get a little thicker arch wire. if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask! I answere these questions everyday:) hope I helped. if you keep breaking brackets, your teeth will take longer getting sraight, so be good and pay attention. :)

Answer #3

NO fizzy drinks. You’re only allowed chocolate and cake, stuff that will rot your teeth occasionay. I eat crisps, and basically anything thats not sugary. No nuts aswell they will brake the braces and no gum either, no really hard foods like them hard sweets you get.

Answer #4

soft foods like…

potatos apple sause yougart smothies

and other soft foods like that =]

Answer #5

yeah yeah yeah!! I eat everything!! but I don’t eat nuts, and those stiky candies! but I cho gum (not all kinds) I only cho EXTRA it’s tasty with different flavors and it’s sugar free!! and if you just had them on, you have to do not drink hot things like coffee, tea, hot chocolate (you can wait for it until it gets a bit colder), NEVER eat ICE!! don’t drink really cold things! don’t eat popcorn, spinach, chips (the hard kinds), and sticky iky wiky candies!! don’t eat onion..etc (food that makes your mouth smell bad) cause with your braces, the smell stays for a week and sometimes more!! brush your teeth after everything you eat!! cause if it gets too dirty and you can’t clean some tough parts, the doctor will clean it for you (and it really hurts!) be careful take care, hope I helped :)

Answer #6

pudding and yogurt are good. you can also eat just plain ice-cream or pop sicles just soft foods in general, but make sure they aren’t sticky or that they can get stuck in your teeth like popcorn. hope I helped!

Answer #7

Just because you have braces does not mean you have to limit your foods thats what I thought when I had them. Honestly nothing is really off limits expect nuts, and hard candy(unless you just suck on it). You really need to test out your mouth and see what you can and can’t eat. The brackets on your teeth are meant not to fall off but after some time they can loosen and fall off it’s normal .. my first one fell off when I was eating a banana so it happens sometimes. Be careful when eating the first little while and test things out and see what you feel comfortable eating most people with brcaes hate eating popcorn because it gets stuck between the brackets but some don’t mind. Anyways don’t cut out the foods you love because you don’t have to . good luck with braces and trust me it’s worth it

Answer #8

There are some things that you aren’t supposed to eat. My orthodontist says not to eat these things: popcorn, certain chips (he says the ones the end in tos) gummies, hard candy, gum, nuts, and corn on the cob are a few I can think of. :) To be honest though, I don’t follow the rules and I have never broken anything. Good luck!

Answer #9

Just stick to softer and mushier foods like apple sauce and mashed potatoes. Stay away from carmel and DEFENITLY gum. My cousin was chewing gum and a piece got stuck in her braces. Also, stay away from…

              Potatoe chips
               hard candy
               Milky Ways
                You CAN eat

                   and more.
                   Hope I helped!!!
Answer #10

For real i just got these braces, when i was sitting in lunch eating a hot dog it turned out to be easier cuz i cut it into small sections. I had a fork with me, so all i had to was dip it into the ketchup. And believe me i felt so much organized. After i was finished i had to brush my teeth (how embarrassing in front of everyone in the restroom?) But it worked out pretty well. This is my second day! but i learned a lot!!! Hope I helped. But dont worry ull find ur own ways to making life with braces easier cooler and fashionable :)

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