Is it okay for a bra to have a little room or is it supposed to be snug and tight?

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its supposed to be tight, but not uncomfortable because if your doing anything bouncy, its really annoying to girls to have room. i know these things. trust me lol

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I think snug but not to tight, u need the support

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Like I wore a 34B and it was tight and hurt but in a 36B theres a little room, I dont know which one to wear?

Semi-tight not right??

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36b cuz ur still growing and it shudnt be to big :-)

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Just get an adjustable back


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why are you taking her advice? cmon, im the guy!

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It isn't all that big, thanks! :)
and pfft! haa

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It needs to be snug enough to give you proper support, but not tight. If it's too tight not only will be uncomfortable, but your skin will end up 'overflowing' in areas of the bra (usually at the top of your breasts or on your back). So if it has a little room, no worries. xD

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okaay thaanks XD

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im jk mrs lonely

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It shudnt b to big, if it doesn't feel comfortable go the next size down

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the next size down is way too tight like simplychallenging said it ends up 'overflowing' with the next size up it fits around good just has a little room and everything, it doesnt feel all that uncomfortable tho. im just worried about it being too big?

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Then go with the 36b, snds like ur best bet

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I 'spose I'm lucky to get snug without being too tight, and without being roomy. It's still bad when running though - especially up or down stairs. I subconsciously grab them then sometimes forget that I'm just there in public, holding my boobs. I must look like a right special. I don't understand how people who are "gifted" manage though. Mine aren't exactly big and it kills running! And that reminds mee, if you're wearing one that doesn't support you properly then daily activities over the course of a very long time will cause major sagging ¬¬ that ain't fun now, is it? lol

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Haha when I'm running or something I grab mine too! :P I wish I could manage to find like the perfect bra! lol

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okaay thannks :)

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Your welcome

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Yay being weird :D have faith! You will one day, lol :)

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i know rigght! haa :)

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It depends on your day or style. If you like low-Cut shirts tight and snug. If you like your t-shirt. Have some room.

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okaay thaanks

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I would say one that is snug, but not tight, one that has room, is no use because it's not sopporting you, and that is the point of the bra.

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In my experience, it's better to err on the side of "too big" rather than "too small". A bra that's too small can be really uncomfortable, and almost unbearable after you wear it all day. And bras that are too small can cause the embarassing "double cleavage" where they cut into your boobs and the extra flesh spills over the top of the cups. A bra that's a little too big won't be as supportive as it should be, but it won't cause you pain either.

If in doubt, buy some sports bras. :) I'm a 32 D and most stores don't even sell bras in my size. So I often wear sports bras, at least when I'm wearing modest clothes that won't make it obvious. They are WAY more comfortable!

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You know, I'm not cool with you having the best answer, Emily. So not cool.

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i dont exactly have what you call small boobs.... seeing as the are E cups. but if you get a perfectly fitted bra with lots of support running up staris... or running in general isnt so bad lol

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Haha I can never find the perfect bra, its such a pain sometimes

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kayla if its too big stuff it thats what my friend did

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21skin, what've you got against me? :(

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only 5 points! :P

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It's not supposed to be too loose or too tight but for it to be too tight is worse than it being too loose but then if it's loose it can be annoying

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thats confusing lol

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Well it's better just to have one that's fits good

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Just a quibble, it's a myth that not wearing bras can cause premature sagging. :) Gravity exerts exactly the same force on your boobs whether you're wearing a bra or not. A bra will lift them up, but gravity is still exerting the same downward pull. The only medical benefit to wearing a bra is that it can promote better circulation in larger women, and even this is disputed. Of course, not everyone feels comfortable going bra-less, but it won't make you sag prematurely. :)

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Thankyou for that tid-bit of information! :)

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