Bra Trouble

My 11 year old daughter has large breasts for her age. We had to get custom made bras for her because her band size is so small and her cup size is so big. She hates her bra and has trouble putting it on in the morning and I help her when she gets frustrated. One morning she tried putting it on herself but got some strands of her hair caught in the hooks and eyes. I had to undo all 5 of her hooks and pull out the strands. The hooks on her bra are large and easy to feel, but they are hard to snap into the eyes and make a thick pop sound when they do. I was as gentle as I could be as I pulled the band tight around her again and snapped the top hook in the tightest position, but as I slowly pulled it tighter and tighter to do each hook, her eyes filled up with tears and she asked me why she had to be so big and have an ugly bra with all those horrible hooks. I explained to her that she needed the support and when she got a little older and bigger, she would be able to buy bras that were pretty. We tried the smallest band Goddess and Elila bras, but they were too loose on her and the back rode up when the straps were tightened. I know she needs her band snug to support her breast weight, so I insist she wear it this way. After her hooks are done and I reassure her as best as I can, I have her stand up sideways to a mirror so we can see her breasts when we do her straps. She loosens them every every night to make it easier for her to undo her hooks and sometimes she loosens them so much they stand up on their own over her shoulders because they are wide and do not stretch. The straps have Jewel Lock strap clamps and are easy to loosen and to lock. I tighten her straps as gently as possible until her breasts are halfway between her shoulders and her elbows, but there is no real gentle way to do this as the straps end up pulling tight against her back band and anchored snug into her shoulders. She has shallow red grooves in her shoulders at the end of the day, but they go away after a few hours. The bra does a wonderful job and fits her perfectly and supports and shapes her breasts nicely, but I know she is having a hard time getting use to the tug and strain of it. Her straps stay anchored all day and are too snug to move off her shoulders or to a different position. I have her wear looser fitting tops so you can’t see her bra outline so much, but when you do, it is obvious what is going on, especially when you see the wide 5 hook closure area sticking up in the middle of her back. Anybody else have a problem like this?

Answer #1

I feel for your daughter as I had the same problem when I was her age im now a 30G and still growing its annoying but unfortunatly as my back size is so small I have the red marks on my shoulders constantly and yes the male attention is… unfortunate and I’ve had to learn to stick up for myself but there are plenty of great larger size stockists

and to omgirock its not always about being fat some people genetically have larger boobs then others so dont let your daughter worry bout that you have to give her confidence though so she doesnt hide behind them but learns to love them :)

Answer #2

a REALLY good site for bras for big cup sizes is they are ‘sporty” and provide a lot of support and comfort. My favorite (I wear DD) is the Athena style.

On the site, anything with 3+ barbells is very supportive for large breasts. Some also minimize, which may help with her self-confidence.

good luck :)

Answer #3

not really but, if she’s over the size DD before the age of 18(which from what I hear she may be already) then breast reduction is free

I’ve only a size 34DD & it’s quite difficult finding a bra I like let alone supports properlly If I don’t find the right fit it will rise up my back or the straps will loosen themselves recently I began wearing sports bra over my regular bra, it actually helps & doesn’t hurt as bad as when I wear a regular bra on it’s own. There’s alos shirts with built in support that my help her.

there’s a product that may help take the strain off her shoulder as well. It’s this little circular thing that the straps are placed in & keep them in a kind of >< shape on the back that’ll help support & as I stated take te strain off her shoulders. I think it’s called strap perfect

Perhaps a corset? It would take the stai of her shoulders & if you lace it right it can still support superbly without being so tight around the stomach. Corsets I find actually support better than bra’s really. & the designs are neat as well. But then again, she’s only 11.

try a search engine such as google or askjeaves to do some reseach on it perhaps.

I hope I helped

Answer #4

try gok wans underwear website, if you type that in on google it should come up. It does supportive bras from size 30a-30KK

Answer #5

no but your daughter needs a better bra anything thats causing red marks on her shoulders is too tight and straps that dig in to her shoulders can cause problems the can even make her hands go numb if you can, try a sports bra one that has underwire for support and that doesnt have any complicated/annoying zips/holes/lace up/hooks, ect also talk to her about getting a breast reduction because this is something that is obviously bothering her of course no ones going to do surgery on an 11 year old girl at best the might be able to do it at 16 years old because it wouldnt be cosmetic surgery but usually they need to wait untill shes 18 so her breasts have reached there full size

Answer #6

probablly im not saying anything bad but sometimes when people have big breast hey should excersice a lil bit because it’’ll help the reduction somewhat only if she keeps it up im not saying she fat oh try some victoria secret bras lol just joking

I almost have a problem like this with mine to im a size c at the age of 13 and I have a very flat stomach and every1 thinks I have breast implants which I dont

Answer #7

honestly this can only work for so long if wearing a bra is causeing this much pain for her its not good for her to have to deal with not being able to feel comfeartable in her own body, if shes over weight then try doing fun things like bike rideing , but if the issue is truley because of her cup size start trying to save for a brest reduction so highschool will be easier for her and so it will be easier on her back for health in the mean time see if you have an ANNS BRA SHOP for her they are custom made bras and even swimsuits they have cute patterns that shell be happy to see hope I helped

Answer #8

My friend is 14 and she wears a size k. She has almost the same problem except her breasts are messing up her back and she has to get reduction surgery. Her bras are also custom made. You really need to watch your daughter as she gets into higher grades. Im always having to stand up for my friend because of.. boys and what they try to do… This probably didnt help but I just wanted to warn u… Sorry

Answer #9

Tell your daughter I have the same problem I am 2 years older but I have always had very large breasts. I also hate shoping in the women section and buying old lady bras as she would say it! Try a good minimizer or sports bra they can be pricy but I can always tell a diffrence in my cup size

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