What do you think about bp's setting aside 20 billion dollars in a compensation fund?

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It's better than the $50 million "fine' they were going to pay. Pennies, I tell ya. Pennies!

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I dont think it's even going to start to cover how much revenue will be lost. Economies all rely on each other. It may cover some people who are directly hit (say the fishermen), but what about the people who sell nets, the people who sell raw materials for the net, or the restaurant owners who will lose out from the loss in tourism. I dont think it's close to covering how much will truly be lost.

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No, not close at all. But think about one of BP's largest customers: The US Government / military.

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i think that is an excellent amount, but also theyshould drop the gas price to $1.50 a gallon for the next 5 years

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they should have to give up Every Penny they have even their families Money, Go live on the streets like the rest of the many people who are there, and Give the Money to the People of planet, 20 Bil alone could give everyone in north America one Million Dollars easy..

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