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ok me and like my bff started going out and then he said that he wanted to brake up I sayed that was fine. then the very next day he asked out my other bff(girl) and she said well let me ask her first so then she asked me and I said that it was fine we ll now I think that was a mistake because I want him back but I am going out with this other guy and I really dont know what I shoud do I saw him at the park and keeped looking me down and stuff so I need help...

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I know this isn't really good advice but there isn't much you can do at this time, you are both in new relationships and it wouldn't be fair to your friend or your new boyfriend if you suddenly change you mind and want to get back with your ex. The best thing you can do now is focus on your new relationship and make sure it works out for the best : )

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you have a new boyfriend and he is going out with her so I think you have to be happy with your new boyfriend and be happy your friend and x-boyfriend are going out.
I hope I helped you
good luck :)

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