Boxer Puppy won't gain weight

My 6 month old boxer won’t gain any weight. We feed twice a day once in morning and once at night my dogs stay in their beds while I m at work. I feed him puppy food but he still since I got him about 3 months ago and he has gotten bigger in size but not weight you can see his spine and ribs a little but he eats his food not all at once. What can I do to help my dog gain weight to become a healthy size and weight?

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what if I do feed him science diet… whats wrong with that.. isnt it suppose to be the best?

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I would like to know why my boxer whines all the time? And I’m getting to where I don’t like him around cause he always has to be right up someone butt and always has to be center of attention. I think I would like him better if he acted like a dog and not a bratty kid and another thing he acts like he is starving all the time and he gets fed more than what it says on the dog food bag. Please help me to understand him better or I’m gonna have to give him away. Thank You, D.S.

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PS I actually advertise that my Boxers are like a dear. The American Boxer is actually much leaner then the European - United Kingdom Boxers which is heavier and boxier.

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Take him to a vet. He could have worms or something that is really making him sick.

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We have a Boxer breeder on this site…Magichalo1…I’ll put a message in her box, to come here when she gets on today…

At 6 months, he’s growing fast and furious…Boxer’s should be lean, wiry and athletic…so being thin…a lean and mean machine…would seem appropriate… How is his coat? Is it shiny and sleek? Does his breath stink? Is his poop loose, or have mucus in it? These are things I’d take into consideration when trying to figure out what might be going on with him. If all these other parts of him seem to be fine, then he simply may need more food…since all that he eats is going to growth.

I’ve used Natural Balance food rolls (they look like summer sausage) to put weight on dogs…it’s very tasty and high in calories…I grate it up into their regular food. It also entices them to eat, if they are slow eaters…

Taking a stool sample into the vet to check for worms isn’t very expensive, and might be worth your while…even just to eliminate it as a cause…

I’ll leave a message for magic, still…


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All my boxer pups hit this stage and they all look thin. It is like hitting that stage in children where they lose their baby fat.

Rule out worms and as long as your pup is healthy do not worry and do not try to over feed. Your boxer is like an athlete. They are lean and mean (not really mean).

The only thing you need to do as long as your dog has plenty of Purina Puppy Chow, water and 2-3 bisquits a day at different times. IS EXCERSISE. The most awful thing to see is a Boxer without muscle (hard to do) I have seem them that have been in a kennel that they never leave a cage and it is horrible, when they loose muscle tone.

Your Boxer needs to stay on Puppy Chow for 2 years. They go at a fast rate and will need to stay on puppy food longer then most. My Vet raises Boxers also and this is what he has always told me.

Do not change food unless you mix your current food with the new and add it gradual, or your dog will get diaheria. Do not put your Boxer of the expensive foods like Science Diet, this will cause most boxers to get a rash and their skin to smell bad.

Boxers need a high rate of protien in their chow, kibble, make sure your food has at least 21% or higher, Purina Puppy Chow does. Do not use a chow called Black Diamond, it has killed litters of puppies and deformed the ones that survived.

Email me is you have anymore questions

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I have a 5 month and she is different to the ones I had her body is leaner and muzzle longer and tried to find which kind of boxer she is???, her body is like so long and jumps like a kangaroo!!! she is very hyper , her food was changed from puppy food royal canin to junior and I give her some veg rice of the dogs with it sometimes and eats what my son drops on the floor!. Can’t put a finger on Soraya well since the one I have is 12 years I must have forgotten what she was like as a five month old!:) I heard of science and found royal canin better than eukenuba and science also the elder one is on a renal diet since she was gosh 3 years old I think her mother and herself had sandfly and now I have maia left and soraya:)

Answer #8

Do not need your Boxer Science Diet. It contains fillers such as corn which Boxers can be quite allergic to. I thought SD was the best food out there and after doing some simple research I found many other brands that are much better than SD.

Answer #9

The advice to feed puppy chow is a little stunning considering how low the quality of the food is. It would in fact be one of the very last recommendations for destitute people who can not afford anything else. It’s nutritional value is horrid. That is in fact true for virtually all brands that can be purchased at a grocery store. The first ingredient in any quality food should be a meat and in fact a meat meal. Meal meaning the water weight and bone weight are removed and not counted. Example,, chicken meal as first ingredient versus chicken. Most would assume plain chicken would be better. It is not as once you remove the water and bone weight the ingredient drops and is actually second, third or worse.

Answer #10

Please e-mail me @ this is my first boxer, and he was so fat when I got him and after giving him his first shot and worming him, he became very small, I’m scared to death, it might be just that I did change his dog food, not sure what he was on before, because thevpeople who used to have him did not take good care of him, I was even told he is much younger then they say he is… Please help me out, I love this pup and would be heart broken if I lost him… Thanks for your time. Darlene

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