What is one thing that bothers you most about the opposite sex?

Answer #1


Answer #2

Oh yeah. I can’t stand a guy with an attitude.

Answer #3


Answer #4

Uhm. Hair. cough

Answer #5

When it’s a windy day and their hair gets in my mouth -.-

Answer #6

Hahaha!! That’s a good one. xD

Answer #7

I hate when dudes are hairy and have it all over their chest. Ick.

Answer #8

Hehe. Eww. xD

Answer #9

being a woman…..it really sux when yer on the road traveling and you need to peeeee and you have to find a bush…….men just WHIP IT OUT and peeee any where! NO FARE!

Answer #10

:( weeps

Answer #11

Oh, yep that’s gross. 0.o

Answer #12

Sorry Miguel. (: Nothing personal, i promise. xD

Answer #13


Answer #14

I got lot’s of hair! :( see my picture :(

Answer #15

It’s not revolting, nature calls :)

Answer #16

Oh i know, it makes me mad!

Answer #17

Lol, as long as you keep it under control and don’t start looking like the teen wolf you’ll be fine. (:

Answer #18

nuu. <3 a tiny tasche and hair on ur head is fine. I’m talkin about total like omg the guy looks like big foot hairy. shivers And hairy backs. ICK!!

Answer #19

HAH! –it’s nast-o.

Answer #20

Haha. Exactly.

Answer #21

Washrooms were made for a reason >.>

Answer #22

I bet if you girls where guys, you’d do it!

Answer #23

if i could be a guy for a day,i’d do a lot of things. I’d probably try that out for show. XD Miguel knows all

Answer #24

Thats on the top of my list if i ever become a guy for a day. (:

Answer #25

XD i posted a question a few days ago about that.

Answer #26

its awsome and connor what did people do before washrooms :P


Answer #27

lol, don’t forget to shake when you’re done x)

Answer #28

Hahah, that’s on thing to consider Euan. :p

Answer #29

I LOVE hair! I love snuggling up to a nice warm bear! <3

Answer #30

Lmfao! (:

Answer #31

I am a guy Mig O.o and before there were washrooms…I don’t know, but I really don’t care cuz there’s washrooms now XD

Answer #32

i’ll rememeber that,Miguel if one day i happen to grow a pen!s. lol—btw Michelle posted a song for you

Answer #33

Is washroom your term for a bathroom?

Answer #34

Hhaha, that’s true connor. (:

Answer #35


Answer #36

yeh it sucks when it runs afterwards :L:L:L :S LAWL u thought connor was a girl :L:L:L:L:L and XD when your camping their isnt much choice connor :P


Answer #37

Washroom-bathroom…yeah, aren’t they the same?

Answer #38

I noticed! Woo! :) I get a song today, this is awesome! :) but seriously, it takes careful precision to actually do this stuff publicly, I tell you some guys have the worst aim ever…

Answer #39

I don’t camp, bugs are icky >.> AND FOR THE LAST TIME, I AM A BOY!

Answer #40

if push comes to shove then hey either men or women have to twinkle in the woods…but I try to hold it for as long as i can…I just hate public places! :P

But to answer your question Miguel…it would be a lot easier to just whip out spray the trees/bushes or whatever & be done…rather then have to suffer by squatting down, making sure you have your legs spread wide enough not to get it all over your damn shoes…and then the worst part, when you think your all clean after wiping…bam comes the last drop that just p!sses you off because you thought you got it all and are stuck with that gross feeling on yourself til your next shower! Now Miguel, I bet you would feel the same way we do if you were a girl & had to go through all that just to relieve that bladder about to burst before you go through all of that! be thankful that you dont have to worry about it! :P

Answer #41

how they don’t suffer from period cramps!! :P

Answer #42

Who thought you were a girl?

Answer #43

lawl your the kind of person i probably chase arround with a spider :L:L:L:L and everyone knows connor :P


Answer #44

Guys seriously! The guys on the tv make it look to easy! Some guys really do struggle to do this man! I swear they just spray everything! It’s gross!

Answer #45


Answer #46


Answer #47

i DISLIKE how i suffer from it and my bf dosent!! SO LAME!! and he says “i feel your pain” HA!! BOOST!!

Answer #48


Answer #49

lolololololol i hate it when people like that splash the seat :S


Answer #50


Answer #51


Answer #52

i love connor’s out bursts. EWW Attack

Answer #53

Yeah, no one like sitting on something warm and wet lol…

Answer #54



Answer #55

ROFL. yeah that’s pretty nasty. I’m just getting amusement out of Connor.

Answer #56

I genuinely dont mind body hair in the slightest actually :)

Answer #57

hairyness and jerkyness and really big guys :S


Answer #58

EWW. lol My little brother does that all the time! and it’s not just one spot either. It’s all around the seat and ill get up in the middle of the night and not look and sit in it and i just scream. lol

Answer #59

well my cousin had this friend named,Patick. Omg i swear he had hair all over him. arms,back,legs…Other places. VERY HAIRY! like ugh… hairy backs gross me out. Just hair hair hair.>_< i don’t mind a little faical hair. But when there is so much of if everywhere. Ick

Answer #60

it is horrible :S:S:S:S:S:S:S


Answer #61

Yes it is.

Answer #62


Answer #63

<333!!! Connor’s ‘’Ewws’’ pwn. XD

Answer #64

What exactly is… A big guy? What are we talking here? lol

Answer #65


Answer #66

you should put clingfilm over the seat next time before he goes :L:L:L:L:L:L:L


Answer #67

I know it’s gross!! I can’t stand it. I’d love to just rub his effin’ face in it one day. 0.o lol

Answer #68

really muscily guys or someone taller than me :L


Answer #69

RAWFL X15! Muhaha.

Answer #70


Answer #71

clingfilm and hell epically splash himself :P


Answer #72

:O Okay, good… thanks :)

Answer #73

why ok good……


Answer #74

facepalm Forget I asked, lol….

Answer #75


Answer #76

Yuckkkky :(

Answer #77

Hahaha. xD He’d think twice when leaving the bathroom before cleaning his mess when he wakes up with dirty toliet paper around his head.

Answer #78

no i wont forget >:) tell me or ill have my army of minyens track you down and tickle you till you break >:) MWAHAHAHAHAHA btw what is facepalm ???


Answer #79

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is TOO far gross :S:S:S:S:S:S:S


Answer #80

I know right? blah.

Answer #81

Well, only google can explain facepalm, as for the rest, no so much lol…

Answer #82

RAWFUL! :) <3333

Answer #83

AHAHA!! face palm is an action. Wow..

Answer #84

Rawful i love when people don’t understand things.

Answer #85

Possesiveness (I’m pretty sure I spelled that wrong, sorry lol)

Answer #86

??? wtf :S:S:S:S:S


Answer #87

Hahah, i know i’m evil, but talling him over and over agin doesn’t seem to be working.. (:

Answer #88


Answer #89

Rawful. =ROFL. Say it really fast outloud. :)

Answer #90

so clingfilm :D


Answer #91

i know what that means :P im just confuzzlifyed :P


Answer #92

too much confidence

Answer #93

if i seriously tried to answer that it would be too long…there are just way too many things! I am going to try to find the most important thing that bothers me…i would have to say that it would have to be: men/women thinking they are god’s gift to all man kind when they really arent all that! it goes both ways people so dont hate me for saying that…:P

Answer #94

what about when guys leave the damn toilet seat up & in the middle of the night you have to go really bad and almost sit and almost scream out wtf!? Eerrr I am gonna k!ll him! lmfao! I used to do that to my ex all the time…when he did that in the beginning i understood, but after telling him 100x it was like do it one more time & i am going to tape it lid down so you cant move it up again! :P

Answer #95

question after question after question after question after question after question after question after question after question after question after question after question after question after question after.. please for the love of god leave me be!!1

Answer #96

what about men that say so what of your pregnant now, doesnt meant you get a free pass…my momma was pregnant,worked, cleaned the house, ironed the sheets, cooked & still made time to get the groceries! Jeez…that is when you feel like saying then why the fck didnt you marry a woman like your momma…my feet ache, my back aches, my stomach is all blown up & bloated, and if you say one more word to me right now I am gonna b!tch slap your ass all the way back to fck town…you got it, good now stfu& gtfo! LOL

Answer #97

lmfao…especially after you just got home from a long hard day your wish is for some quiet, a nice cold (for guys beer, for ladies any drink will do) and to be left alone to catch your breathe & hear yourself think! gawd! :P

Answer #98

How they try to pertend they dont care about a break up or a fight and they actually do a good job at it and a girl is all crushed by it

Answer #99


Answer #100

or how easily they just move on to the next h0(especially after wasting almost a decade with them…ugh…gets me so mad!

Answer #101
  • I have no patience with guys who think they’re so hot and act like they’re better than everyone (applies to girls of course)
  • when they publicly touch theirs (to adjust or something). For me, its disgusting to see in public.
Answer #102

egos. seriously? some guys think they are better than the whole world put together. Someone tell them to WAKE UP! (:

Answer #103


Answer #104

Jealousy o.o

Answer #105

Feeling the need to be impressive. It’s like, damn. I’m paying attention to you, i’m into you, give it a freggin’ rest. Geesh. DOn’t try so hard it’s unattractive.

Answer #106

Aha (: they actually created this thing called a “shewee” which lets girls pee standing up. the werid inventions people come out with these days (: but.. it works!

Answer #107

their “ego” -they can act like real jerks to protect their reputation.

Answer #108

Big egos

Answer #109

they’re unpredictable

Answer #110

What the other one is thinking, Because I have no idea. “Some one help!!!” DX

Answer #111

guy the opposite sex not same sex

Answer #112

guy the opposite sex not same sex

Answer #113

guy the opposite sex not same sex

Answer #114

guy the opposite sex not same sex

Answer #115

well then girls are perfect i guess because they are that way and at the same time they are way too predictable

Answer #116

and girls are perfect little angels at all times >gag<

Answer #117

we do that to make sure you really are into us

Answer #118

when they act like they dont know anything and then act like they know everything

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