my boyfriend keeps begging me 2 blow him, and I want 2 make him happy, but his dick is 9 inchs. what should I do? what things make it easier? how to tease, turn him on with words, and in person

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You are ONLY 13 years old. I say if a 16 year old boy is coming to my house to see my 13 year old daughter, he better be delivering a pizza!
You have NO business dating a 16 yr old, let alone "blowing" him. Sorry Hun, but you are very naive, and he knows it! He can tell you whatever you want to hear, and he can get you to do whatever he wants. This boy is only USING you for his selfish pleasure! You shouldnt EVER be concerned about making him happy sexually, NOT at your age anyway. You can do whatever he asks, but in reality Hun, that isnt going to make him stay with you. You may believe that this will show him how much you are willing to sacrifice for him in order to please him or 'keep' him, but it will only communicate how desperate you are and how frightened you are of losing the relationship.

I find it appauling how young teens feel the need to make their ALREADY horny boyfriends more hornier! Hes USING you, but you just cant see it, otherwise he wouldnt be BEGGING for blowjobs! Stop being his little fool, and sex toy, because he will end up hurting you one day, when he leaves you for another young, vulnerable girl such as yourself!

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well if you are going to blow him and you cant do deep throut the use your hands.. as the dick goes in your move your hand goes down, as the dick goes out of your mouth your hand goes up.. avoid using teeth and start slow finish fast..

other things to get him on include playing around, such as touching eachothers body parts. turning a guy on with words is pritty hard unless your doing something to his body and talking.. well anyhoo handjobs are good too. not the best but good, anything on a guys dick is good! maybe even a lap dance??

hope that helped :D

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