How many times are you supposed to bleed after anal?

How many times are you supposed to bleed after anal? Is it normal? When can you do it and NOT bleed?

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Lube is the answer but it's important that you use the right kind of lube. For anal sex you want the thickest jelly type lube you can find. I would suggest regular KY gel lube as it is very thick and available almost everywhere. Don't even bother with the thin or runny lubes, they might be the best for vaginal sex but are useless for anal.

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Could have hemorroids...that would definatly cause that.

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I have never bled after anal sex- do you think you have torn yourself or anything? Make sure you are relaxed and use plenty of lube every time you do this- no natural lubrication is produced by the anus, unlike the vagina, and so there can be a lot of friction. If you continue to bleed then please go to see your GP or else try just stopping having anal sex for a while and see if you bleed next time you do.

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Im not to sure, but trying using more could probably buy it at a drug store.

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