How can I fix orange hair?

My hair was dyed black/brown. I wanted to go back blonde so I bought bleaching kits and bleached my hair 3 times. the first time I accidently bleached my roots first and but didn’t bleach them at all the rest of the 3 times. my hair turned red and now it’s orange. how could I fix this? it gets lighter but the orange/yellow still remains. I don’t want white, I want my blonde back but better.

Answer #1

I had my hair bleached and it was horrid yellow/white/orange or all the above. I actually found on the internet some advise to help and it worked. I went and purchased Loreal light auburn (permanent) color and left it on for 45 plus minutes. The website I found said that when the hair is bleached that reds help put color back. IT WORKED!!! My hair is a pretty ash blond now and I use the violet shampoo everyday to keep the color.

Answer #2

This is really wrong but worth reading: I really don’t have an answer, but I have a terrible story. I had bright red hair I think I used punky colors or something, but then wanted to go blonde so I bleached my hair three times…the first time it turned pink then lighter and then another shade then I used a permanent blonde dye to achieve the perfect color. But then things went bad…I had my hair done at a hair show they wanted to do my hair platinum blonde with bright red highlight so they bleached it one more time and I had the most beatiful hair ever…for about 15 minutes then some dumbass put some blue toner in my hair claiming it would nuetralize the color and even things out, the next thing I knew I had plantinum blonde blue poka dotted hair! I was so pissed off. the blue wouldn’t come out. So they had to dye my hair black and to make things even worse as they washed the black hair dye out I saw chunks of my hair falling out in the sink! I had about 2 inches of hair at the root only on top, thank god. It was traumatizing I have to admit my hair looked damn cute afterward but only becuase they someone else take over. But anyways my hair has never grown slower since then and I couldn’t dye my hair for a really really long time. PS: right now it is brown with blonde highlights after like 2 years. And I also have to admit that it grew out very nicely I haven’t cut it since and I always get compliments about my hair cut (It has this unique layered look to it) But whatever its not worth the damage.

Answer #3


I have had a similiar problem but I actually went to regis hairstylist and they caused the problem! I have natural brown hair which is fairly dark, I asked for blonde highlights to have something different, she foiled my hair and also added another colour which I thought would be blonde, I never dared to dye my hair and I wish I never went it came out, yellow/orange/white and it looked an absoulte mess! I didnt expect this to happen when going to a well known name! the only option for me was to have the manager put a red dye? on it he explained like it was tomato ketchup, then he died it dark brown/black, it lasted for about 1 week as I wash my hair everyday, then he did it again, then I did again 9 months later it keeps coming through red/ginger which really does not suit me and my hair isnt growing at a fast pace, has probably only grown 2 inches and I really dont know what to do!? I want to see a stylist but who should I trust if a stylist did this in the first place, have called up and complained and they where really rude to me and said it was too late! any ideas let me know thanks!!

Answer #4

if you go to sallys hair services, pick up clynol crystal blonde shot toner, with a 6% developer, it will take out the orange and yellow. :) ps have a look on the internet for closest sallys! goodluck x

Answer #5

I think you need the help of a Salon professional who can recommend actions/products which will ensure you don’t cause further damage…Good Luck !!

Answer #6

I had black hair and I used a garnier lightener and it did lift the dye, but at the same time turned my hair a dark ginger, luckily I suit having red hair because I have irish blood therefore I am pale, and it look kinda cool but anyway. After that I tried to dye it blonde and it went a little bit lighter, but it was still ginger. SO I just dyed it a slightly darker brown and in a few days it had faded, leaving me with a nice medium brown, then I bleached my hair and it went yellow, after that I dyed it with a lightening hair dye a few times and eventually I have acheived a nice natural looking blonde. BUT it has taken me a grand total of three months to get…

Answer #7

Hi guy! I want to tell you guy that If you have nature red color on your hair if you want to dye with blonde ( Im recommend you guy not to dye red with blond) It will turn orange . it fine if you want highlight if you have black hair. it turn nice too.or you want to dye light or dark brown it turn very blend in with the beach highlight. First thing you need the stuff you want to beach it. Don’t buy the volume 40 liquid it will damage your hair ..Buy volume 30 liquid …mixed the volume 30 with beach.t..I did to my friend it turn nice .She want light brown and beach with highlight…it blend in …U need a bottle of condition to keep your hair good. if you dont put condition it will make your hair look messing …OK guy that it …

Answer #8

go to your hairdressers. ask for a blonde tonner over the whole thing and then blonde highlights added on top.. if your hair is orangey they will be able to get it lighterr. or if you havent got the money you could use proxide bleach over and over again until it goes the colour you want it but I wuldn’t recogment that because it’l ruin your hair hope this helps x

Answer #9

Depending on what look your going for, you either need to a: tone it out with demi color that has mainly blue and or violet tones. Or b: if you can afford to, go back to the salon and have your stylist clean up the mess… Good Luck. Also depending on the severity of your orange hair, you can tone it down at home using a blue based shampoo and conditioner. But, that’s only for orange that isn’t too extreme. GOOD LUCK! -Naasiha K. Sykes

Answer #10

I have done thia before, not good! I ended up dying it black again. I read that in hair dye’s there are little metal chemicals that stick to your hair, which cannot be removed by bleach. I’ve had to wait for my dye to grow out to go blonde again. I would just recomend dying another colour, or if you can afford it, seeing a stylist

Answer #11

Now if you dye your hair to much makes it fall out and seriously damages it so I recomend you wash it,nourish it and hydrate it than consult a professional to darken it than add highlights.

Answer #12

well. it is sad to say I am in your shoes at the moment. I have dyed my hair dark brown for a while and today I bleached all over my head pleading that the color would be taken out so I could dye over the platnium and have a lovley light blonde color… WRONG! I now have orange hair with bleach blonde roots I am getting a hair cut in the morning to get rid of the dead ends and am going to use a regular box of medium blonde color in the morning. it sucks that this happens but we can always redye our hair unless its fried … in that case take a deep mousterizer and douse your hair in it before you go to bed then sleeping with it in.. it will make your hair greessy but it helps with all the damage… hope we both get through this:)

Answer #13

Hi, I had dark hair which was pretty close to black on the ends of my hair, and at the top of my head the color was fading so I went to see a stylist to get it fixed and asked them what the best thing was to do and so they said the only way I can lighten the black so I was able to color my full head with a semi conditioning permanent to make it match was if I spent a bit more and got it lightly bleached. They put the bleach in the ends of my hair as I have long hair and slowly gathered there way half way up to the top and showed me the color as it was bleaching, I saw a redish/blonde and then straight afterwards they put in a semi colour and even though I asked for a dark brown I left the salon so unhappy!!! my hair was redish, orange!! with light bits that looked like streaks!!! Couldn’t stop crying :D. but, I don’t know whether it stripped my natural color out??? can it do that? I had to go back the next day and they fixed it, by putting another semi overtop and it worked but now that I know they stuffed up..I keep looking closely at it! and I see the roots are still redish and I’m still not that happy with the color. Only way I think there is to fix it is by colouring dark over it again or growing it out!!! my hair was sooo dry when I washed it, only starting to come rght nw. but for the money I paid and expected out of it, was very upsetting!!

Answer #14

I am going through the same problem right now. If you cant afford to goto a salon this is what you need to do bleach your hair, use a Toner, then put the color you want on it. If it still comes out a little orange use a toner again.

Answer #15

I have been dying my hair xxl red for months but want to go back to my natural colour of blond. I used a lightening kit and it went bright orange. I panicked and put a light brown on top, my hair is now light brown but my roots are still red. Shall I re apply a lightening kit or someone suggested a xxl platinum blond. help

Answer #16

If you’ve dyed your hair straight from black/brown, the only thing you can do to correct it is dye it back to black, or you can get it stripped, which will absolutely wreck your hair, because they use chemicalsto take the dye from your hair. The pigments don’t mix with black dye and bleach, I had the same problem, but luckily not on the whole of my head. You should wait untill your dye has properly growen / washed out before you try to bleach it again, it should cover more properly. Do a stand test next time so that you can tell what colour it will go :D

Good luck :)


Answer #17

I originally had (box color) medium reddish brown. I decided to foil it myself today (ps I went to cosmetology school) and it looks amazing, except for one piece. It turned out like a orangish-pink color. My hair is in bad condition, so I dont want to rebleach it, do you think if I used a ultra light natural blonde hair color over the messed up part that it would talk the pink-orange out, or should I get an ash based blonde color? thanks =)

Answer #18

I have a hair issue as well. I went yesterday to get my hair done. Im pissed right now. My hair was very very light brown at the top because my natural color and the rest was a dark brown. I wanted light brown blondish. She told me no problem she could do it right there an then with no problems. So I was there for 5 hours. My hair is now orange with highlights of yellowy orange. I dont like it. She said she couldnt do anything for it. And I payed 90 buck for it !!! Err I could have done this to myself for free. Im so mad. What can I do to get it more blondish…please help

Answer #19

Bleaching your hair three times in a row…wow. As a stylist, I’d have to look at your hair to determine what to do next. So that is the advice I give. You need a color specialist. Tell her how long you colored it black, how many times you bleached it and what you used.

A good stylist should be able to lift your black with one or two bleaching/color stripping processes. Next time, do this with a colorist. Hopefully you didn’t damage your hair too much to suffer through another process, but only a stylist can tell you that.

Answer #20

I just died my hair from black/brown revlon to white blonde. It turned orange but the roots at first but it was a blonde orange. I didn’t bleach I used kelidocolor highlighting stuff for dark brown to lightest blonde and then I just malibu’d it today and it turned light brown the orange spots and just redyed it miss clairol lightest blonde high lift and my hairs perfect.

But I use nexxus leave in weightless conditioner everyday so my hair isn’t dead either.

Answer #21

you need toner

Answer #22

okay well yesterday night I decided I wanted to bleach my whole head. And the dye that I had on top of it was a reddish, and I just dyed it that color 3 months before. So I bleached my whole head, the roots came out blonnde and the rest was a viobrent orange. I hate it! I want to re dye it today, but I dont know what I should buy I want to dye it back to my natural or a little darker than my natural brown. but I have no idea what to do. help.

Answer #23

What did you do to fix your hair disasterhair24? I just had a similar incident last night and I’m basically orangish yellow. I just want to be a darker blond now because its not only the WRONG color, its also too light. I need to fix it asap so I can leave my room without a hat on.

Answer #24

This is my story, im looking for similar advise as the question :L.


Just last year I dyed my copper brown hair orange (think paramore front woman).and I’ve had it like that for a verryy long time. Problem is, im in a production soon, so im planning on toneing it down to blonde.Im thinking of having it done proffesionally and then getting highlights and lowlights to make it look a bit more natural. My advise to anyone who has ended up with orange hair from bleaching.

  • go to a proffesionall stylist. Not a trainee willing to do it half price.
  • Get an opinion. if they say its a bad idea, listen.
  • after. deep condition your hair regularly, so it keeps nice.

I do my hair myself-Cutting it, colouring , styling, and it isnt a great idea tbh.But be careful and have fun with your hair. its who you are :)

Answer #25

Hi, um I need some advice. My hair is naturally a dark shade of ash blonde. I’ve taken to dying it a dark red for the past year, using a healthy dye called ellumen, I’ve decided I want to go for a sunkissed blonde look this summer so yeah…any ideas how I can do this? Will bleaching it end up making it go orange?

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