Why do black men and women tend to have beautiful singing voices?

Is there a physical difference in their vocal chords that allows them (or anyone of any race) to sing good? I wish I could sing :(

Answer #1

………… wow…. thats a GOOD question…. ummmmmmmmmm I am a singer and I know that the vocal chords for each race (due to language’s tone or sound along with jaw/ tongue/ sof t pallet placement has everything to do with it) has a diferent voice “tone” or “quality”. But I think it might have to do with their culture and history. The African American or African races tend to have very soulful (sorry if I spelled that incorrectly) and rich quality to their voice. But just like all races there are people who cant sing :/ I hope this doesnt offend anyone but I know that to pass time and bring togetherness to other slaves, black slaves would sing of their feelings or turmoil, hopes and fears,etc. So it could have something to do with that. That the best I could think of lol ^_^

Answer #2

they are born with it but it not only the blacks that have nice voice, whites also have nice voice(celin dion) we can still make ourselves have a good vocal cord by watching the things we take like avoid taking alcohol, talking in loud voice, taking too much cold stuff and some other stuff. Taking fruits can help develop your vocal cord. So you can just go for a vocal class lesson.they can help.

Answer #3

lol It’s because they’re “black”… Ahh but they really do have marvelous voices! I love Lois Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, and many others!

Answer #4

And for two points on the “unblack” side: Elton John and Serj Tankian both have glorious voices also… In my opinion :D

Answer #5

its not depend upon ur colour, it genetic property

Answer #6

thats not true evryone has a beutifull singing voice well depends if they wrk to hard:l-

Answer #7

Adele, isn’t black, or Mariah Carey or Shakira, Miranda Lambert, Alanis, Sara Bareilles, Justin Timberlake, Dara Maclean, David Cook, Mark Anthony, Katherine Mcphee. Just to name a few. But the list is limitless. But they can all use their vocal cords in different ways. Race is of no importance when it comes to vocal abilities. I would like to make you aware that a lot of the great singers are not black. It’s not about the color of the skin. But about the individuals that are able to adopt their own favourite styles and practice to have beautiful voices. Some are blessed with what we view as great singing abilities. However, there are so many different genres of music in the world. That it just doesn’t belong to one nationality a lone.

Answer #8

Yes, obviously! I apologize if my question made it seem like ONLY black people have lovely voices. You forgot Christina Aguillera haha.

Answer #9

I don’t get why everyone thinks I asked “why do ONLY black people have beautiful signing voices” I asked why a lot of them TEND to have beautiful singing voices. I know that a good singing voice does not depend on race. I was just wondering because there are so many black people that have amazing voices out there that are very strong. And I was wondering if maybe its genetic, like a physical characteristic in their vocal chords that is inheritable… Same with people of other races, seems like good singers sometimes have children that are good singers as well…

Answer #10

& Carrie Underwood, Matt kearney has an excellent voice. & yes! Christina has an amazing voice. There is this one guy, who I’m sure is Asian by descent, he has a great voice. And no you didn’t offend me at all. ツ I’m going to find that guys link for you. It’s just that some people are either born with these attributes or practice to have these attributes. Or a mixture of both.

Answer #11

I think she just meant that it seems out of all the races, most black people have the capability of being great singers (well known or not). Right, Kahili?

Answer #12

I wasn’t offended.

Answer #13

Nearly everyone is born with a beautiful singing voice - until, in cultures where music-making is professionalized rather than part of everyday life, they get criticized and discouraged from it by people around them.

Answer #14

Yeah, what i meant was that if you take everyone who’s black, a lot of them are good singers. Not comparing to other races or anything. Okay good, cuz I was thinking “oh crap, i didn’t mean my question to come out that way!” haha

Answer #15

Adele,Shakira,Justin Timberlake,David Cook, and Mark Anthony are not exceptional vocalists, and Mariah does identify herself as birracial and is an exceptional vocalist. I think it is ok to point out that other people can sing, but it is also ok acknowledge that black voices do often have a particular (in a good way) quality that others do not seem to have. J. Timberlake is easy to duplicate, as is Adele, who tends to write beautiful and easy to sing ballads. We must also point out that the people you have named are EXCEPTIONS (for white people) but you can go into ANY black gospel church anywhere in the south and find high quality, praise-worthy singing that will never see the light of day. Adele and Christina, while suitible for the radio and deemed superb by an untrained ear, would not last 5 minutes in a gospel church. It is ok not to fear the talents of black people (which move far beyond singing and dancing) and acknowledge it when you feel that you enjoy something that they clearly excel at!

Answer #16

many white people feelthreatened by the talents of non-white people. you will also hear white people say things like - ‘asians aren’t the only people who are good at martial arts! i knew a guy once…’ ‘aboriginal australians aren’t the ONLY opressed race!my grandfather in ireland…’ ‘serena williams isn’t the ONLY great tennis player! a white girl at my highschool…’ ‘ native americans arent’t the ONLY ethnic group to wear feathers! my pagan ancestors…’ many (not all) white people feel insecure about their perceived lack of culture or talent and feel the need to insert themselves into al aspects of hauman existance while simultaneously nagating the contibutions of others to the complex thing we call humanity.if you are white, you are not included in the category of ‘some’ as you seem not to have this insecurity.

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