Does black hair color damage your hair?

Does black hair color damage your hair? I am asking this because my mom is telling that it will. I don't want this to happen because my hair is pretty long. Thanks.

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if you dye your hair with a box of hair dye from the drug store, no matter what color you use it will DAMAGES your hair like it or not.
your best option is go to a professional & do it, they know what to use which won't damage yor hair as bad.

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All dyes will damage your hair in some way.
So yeah, black dye will.

But if you use a leave in conditioner once a week it should keep it soft :)

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Any hair color will damage your hair to some degree. The lighter the hair dye, the more damage you will get. The darker the hair dye, the less damage.

If this is your first time dyeing your hair and it's in a good condition, the black dye won't do any visible damage to it.

BUT, remember black hair is very hard to dye over, so be sure you really want this color before you go for it. because if you end up not liking it and want to go a lighter, it WILL take some time.

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Well im not professional nor a girl but I have dyed my hair black before and its a dirty blond. So to answer your question YES it will damage your hair as will any dye due to the harsh chemicals that change the chemical structure of your hair itself.But on the other hand you would have to dye your hair repetedly to have lasting damages like your hair becoming brittle or even falling out(a little not like clumps) it basicly kills your hair. The other thing you should keep in mind is when you dont want black hair anymore what are you going to do? because you cant dye over black your only option is to grow your hair out and cut it. OR wash it excessivly and once its light enouph try to dye it. So as you can see these things can become very stressful for your hair. The best thing to do is realy think hard. Do you want your hair to black for a long time? cause its going to be.

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no I dyed my hair stone black and it turned the perfect color what you need to do is just buy a tub from boots and use it like conditioner wash it out and leave it to dry and it stays in for ages. IT DOES NOT DAMAGE YOUR HAIR.use it like shampoo.Alice.x

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THANKS for answering my question. I will think about this.

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no you are depositing color not lifting however styling with heat does such as the blow dryer and straighteners just use lots of coditioning and heat thermal protectors you'll be fine

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