What should i get my 2 year old niece for her birthday?

I have two boys so getting a present for a girl is always hard for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi, My little one is turning 2 in a couple of weeks and I have the same problem, wondering what to get her also having to think of ideas for family and friends when they are stuck also. We're getting her a play kitchen so have suggested play food or anything to do with this. Also farm animals (large), and my sister just said she might get her a high chair for her dolls so she can pretend to feed them also. I bought her a small bag and cheap bangles a few months ago, she just loves putting them in and out of the bag and on her arm over and over again - she does this every day!!!

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My 2year old sister LOVES Aqua Doodle, i highly recommend you get her that!

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you should get her one of those dolls that if you press her hand or feet it'll make her talk! or you can also get her one of those barbie laptops that teach them how to do math and how to read an count!

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i used to like dolls, and also soft toys( a nice one, not one with scratchy fur.) i wood go wiv the soft toy- some girls dont like dolls.

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Does she have her ears pierced? You could take her to get them done.
If she already has, get her some diamond earrings or her birth stone (they usually have ones special for children)

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I'm thirteen and my sister just turned two last week. I got her a little mermaid bath toy because shes really obsessed with baths. Also, she really likes all the Disney characters so it turned out to be her favourite toy. Even when shes not having a bath, she still carries it around everywhere with her. If shes not really into that kind of stuff, get her a puzzle or some type of puzzle game. That way, shes start learning while having funn!!! :)

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music, m daughter is 2 and she loves her music, maracas, piano (it has movig characters and is her favorite) she also loves her pink race car... people always forget girls love cars too!

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Ok, I;m 14 and still have some of my presents from when I was her age! I love them so much and have such fond memories of them that I can't ever part with them. One thing I've noticed is that all of them are colorful! Bright colors are the key! Honest! You could get them the cutest bag ever but think about it, if it's forest green or black, or brown or somethings it's not going to get her attention, but if it's pink white orange dots, of grean with purple flowers she'll be obsessed with it! Remember, colors! :)

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There's a website called Iseeme.com where you can order personalized books, cups, plates etc. I got my neice a book about fairy princesses and they need a new princess. The fairies start to give hints on who the next princess should be and it strts to spell out my neices name. She loved it bc she loves princess anything! It is a very nice hard cover and came with a tiara that looks just like the one in the book.and it let's you put a message in the front to who you give it too. They have boy and girl books that help kids learn things from their name to the abc's! The only downfall is that they are a little pricey and since they make each book special order you need to mak sure it will come in before their bday. But definately something they will keep forever!

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My daughter turns two in a week and I have the same question. But I can tell you she is into dolls (her babies), or coloring, or drawing, or anything like that. She very much likes clothes (already) her shoes especially. And since it's not your daughter you can never go wrong with candy.

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We don't have parties at home .We usually go as a family to Dollywood or Carowinds. One year we went to Disney World.We give them money to spend and we let them pick the restaurant for their birthday dinner. We have a little party back at our hotel.We always have a great time and the kids love it.

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