Bimbos or the individual??

Do guys like girls That are different, or do they only like bimbos with big boobs?

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it actually depends on the person...

you cant hate and tune other girls because they're like that, they cant help it because their hot!!!

anyway, people only call them bimbos because they're jelous... those 'bimbos' also have feelings and a brain... they look good, they're confident, I mean.. stop being so shallow, they can be what they want just like you!!!

it all depends on the guys preferance.. some guys like fun confident blondes who take time looking after and maintaining themselves, others like shy quite girls who never state their own opinion... and so on...

but why did you ask this? would you change yourself to look like that, or cry because you arent that?

time to accept yourself and be who you are no matter what men blady like!!

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bimbos are good for sex, individuals are better for long term relationships/love (which is always preferable).

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diferent is good better then those mindless sex bots

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