What is the biggest decession you've made so far in your life?

Answer #1
  1. to get sober.
  2. that having a child at an extremely early point in my life wasn’t right for me.
  3. Letting go, it’s a hard hard decision to finally let go of a family members death.
Answer #2

To want to move back to Virginia. Hopefully it’ll happen

Answer #3

Theres a bunch - To quit doing dr.ugs. To keep the baby the first time i found out i was pregnant. To have an ab.ortion the second time becaue of our bad living environment and lack of money to support a child.

Answer #4

So we have two in common ha.

Answer #5

Hmm, so many…

  1. Issues with my mother beating on me…i never had the courage to stand up & call the cops on her…just didnt have the heart to do it! How can you call the cops on your own mother…why would anyone believe me that she was abusing me every time something was wrong or messed up or needed to be blamed…I was the ultimate punching bag!

  2. when I was 16, a virgin, my first encounter with sex was a r@pe…and it was the toughest decision to make keeping it to myself…I felt like if i said anything, the guy was too popular, came from a better off family as money & had girls all over him, why would he need to r@pe me…(still wonder why :()so I never said anything & dealt with all of it by myself! that scared me for life ladies…never feel like you cant tell anyone about it…most likely wasnt the first girl he did that too!

  3. Another…really big decision, after getting married to a guy that was a jerk…I decided to try to make it on my own with him and saw his true colors…finally after almost being with him for a decade…7 years of marriage, it took him stealing money from my joint account with my parents, his constant verbal abuse, emotional abuse & having an affair for me to finally have the courage to say enough is enough…and get a divorce….

  4. Found out the people I held closest to my heart could betray me in a heartbeat…I dont mean friends or family but a cousin a grew up with since birth…practically my big sister…and the hardest thing was after 30 years of us being there for one another…she showed me her true colors & that broke my heart!!! After all those years, something in me died…and I couldnt talk to her the way I did anymore…and frankly I didnt want to even see her anymore…the hardest thing for me to do was to cut off all ties…3 years later she called me & tried to make up…I just couldnt…today…2 years later…i found something out about a letter she & someone else in the family wrote about me & my family…that hurt me & my family so much & ruined my good name…for nothing…so i decided to cut off all ties with any family members…that really was one of the hardest things i had to do…and will never forgive her for it!

Sorry…maybe TMI but that the important decisions I have had to make…

Another was about a year or 2 ago, decided to try to give my heart to someone else…allowing someone in only to get stomped on by so many empty promises…and so much heartache…

Answer #6

To honor my Father’s wish and remove him from life support. A bit of a downer for an answer, but it is the biggest decision I have ever made.

Answer #7

To go to a psychologist :) I did it all by myself! No one even had to force me or anything, I just told my parents that I had a problem and I wanted help and I’m really proud of myself for that XD

Answer #8

Wow…that actually so amazing. I could never do that.

Answer #9

well done..:)

Answer #10

Thanks :P Good for you as well! You must be realy brave and strong to have gotten through all the stuff you wrote down there.

Answer #11

I’ve made some important decisions in 60 years…but would have to say that getting clean and sober was the most necessary decision. Making THAT decision allowed me to make many more important decisions.

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