Big women

Im a big women three years ago I had my daughter I put on extra weight and its hard for me to get it off I want to look good in shorts I want to look my best any dieting advice other than starving myself I just dont feel the same anymore

Answer #1

see a physcian to determine what you can handle, change your diet to a healthy one, and exercise for at least 30 min 5 days a week. a good rule of thumb is that you should eat ten calories for every pound you want to weigh. so 130lbs = 1300 calories a day. this is a lifestyle change, but it’s so worth it when you’ve accomplished your goal

Answer #2

How about a little excercise? Diet, ya know? CHUB CHUB. LOL, jokes. Anyways, you should excercise and eat smaller portions and you could do a celebrity diet but their quiet expensive but don’t starve yourself.

Answer #3

Exercise. Shapes up your legs/body NICE. Seriously, you’ll notice dramatic improvement within weeks.

Answer #4

You shouldn’t starve yourself at all. To raise my metabolism I eat something small every hour. It helps keep me more awake too. But it should probably be healthy stuff. Not junk. Junk packs a lot of calories even for a small amount of food. But just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean that it doesn’t taste good. on the contrary. When adding fats to your food that you cook, try olive oil. And instead of too many fats, exchange the fats for tons of herbs and spices because those add a lot of flavor which you will need for mouth feel if you take out the fat. Also most of those herbs have so few calories. And instead of refined white table sugar, use raw cane sugar, or better yet fruit! Berries always made my oatmeal for breakfast delicious. Even when they weren’t in season I would buy the frozen berries. They’re just as good as fresh and I used them rather than ice cubes in my hot oatmeal. Try to make things with as fresh ingredients as possible because it just tastes better that way. (If you can.) Avoid avoid avoid ready made or restaurant food if you can. I know it’s convenient, but it is the worst for you. Also drink tons of water. The process of becoming healthy again can mess with you complexion a little but water always helped me avoid tons of pimples which is good especially in a time of stress. Avoid foods that are white (in a starchy way.) Rice and pasta and most grains aren’t going to be that great for losing weight if they’re just white and refines. You need whole grains. The fiber in whole grains will trigger your body to release the hormone glucagon, which is responsible for making sugar (a form of energy) readily available in your blood so that your body can use it. If you eat refine sugar or white table sugar, that triggers insulin, which stores sugar in other forms (like glycogen and fat) so your body doesn’t use it so much. Egg whites are good, though. Egg whites are REALLY good! They are protein. They can keep you fuller for longer, and they can trigger much of the same response that tells your body that you’re trying to get active and that you need to use that egg’s protein for your muscles. Also I’ve never tried this, but everyone raved about it when they realized that drinking milk as a part of your diet and exercise regimen (or eating yogurt too) actually helped you lose weight quicker and keep it off for longer. I also drink green tea. Green tea helps in beta oxidation. Your stored fat must be beta oxidized before it can be broken down for energy, so this helps. Also chili peppers main chemical, Capsaicin, help you keep that weight off for longer and boost your metabolism a little bit. Chili peppers are a great spice to add to your foods.

You will also need at least 40 minutes of cardio exercise a day. That’s 40 minutes of exercise that makes you breathe hard and makes you sweat. When you build up enough endurance you can start doing calisthenics (repetitive stuff like sit ups, push ups, squats) to tone your muscles so that they look tight and firm under your clothes. I know 40 minutes of cardio every single day sounds like a hard task… but you’d be surprised how quickly you can build endurance if you just do it every day! You don’t even have to do it high intensity at first. You can start really wimpy, and get better, but don’t skip any days. It will make you feel so much better, I swear. You have to drink water! It helps you flush crap out of your system even better when your exercise.

When you eat a lot of sugary and salty and fatty foods, your body craves more. So it’s good to be flushing crap out of your system with enough water. You know those normal aquafina/dasani water bottles? I’d try to get at least 2 of those a day, maybe 4. (Not tooo tooo much more.) We also get this one channel on digital cable called “cook yourself thin.” They have a lot of valid points like using herbs instead of fats. One thing they said was that whatever your target weight is, multiply that by 10 and that should be your calories you eat in a day. Like if you wanna be 120, then you need to eat 1200 calories a day. Try to stick with that rule when cooking your food at first. (I find that this changes over time when your metabolism goes up. I burn over 2000 calories even though I eat probably 1000 calories a day. That doesn’t mean you should change your healthy eating habits.) Stick with it. It really does work. Also you can join They have free services of a journal, a food log, an exercise log, and charts for how many calories you take in, burn, and their balance. They have a giant calendar so you can jump to any day. You can plan stuff a head of time. It’s really nice. I like it. there are other sites out there too with more active members so that you all can encourage each other. Good luck!

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