Big nose if you have one how do you feel about it?

what do you think if you see some 1 with a big nose.. or a little bump in it? isit a turn off?

or does any 1 have a big nose their selfs and how do you feel about it?

Answer #1

I have a big nose, its wide and has a bump in it. My friend’s would always say I have a huge nose and I would laugh with them but inside, I was dying. Ever since I was little, I was teased about the shape and size of my nose, and I would cry my self to sleep every night because I thought I was hideous and that no guys liked me because of it. My self esteem would soar down every time I looked in the mirror. But now I’m 15 years old and I’m happy with the way I am. SO what , we have bigger noses than some people, they are our flaws and if people didn’t have any flaws , we would all look the same and we would be quite boring looking wouldn’t we? My nose makes me , me and now I wouldn’t want to change it for anything because its something that I have that makes me unique and unlike others. And big noses do NOT make you ugly! I have a boyfriend now and he thinks I’m beautiful and he doesn’t care that I have a big nose.

Answer #2

noses with a little bump, no those don’t turn me off, some people have really big noses but I dont think those are a turn off for me either. It may get a little complicated when kissing, but it shouldn’t have a big effect on it. but I’ve never kissed a guy with a large nose and I don’t have one myself, so I guess I wouldn’t really know. but to me no its not a turn off. :)

Answer #3

I understand how you feel muwa.I HATE my nose and I also had a really bad time at school, college and uni. I have very low confience now. I rarely go out as I also get comments about my nose and when every I try to pick myself up I get knocked back down. It’s easy for people to say that its not that bad but when I recieve comments wherever I go t gets me very down. My dream is to become a teacher however, when I have worked in schools the comments about my nose are constant. I wish I could afford a nose job, it would change my life!

Answer #4

I have a very interesting experience as far as my nose and the reaction it has gotten from other people. From what I can remember, I was never teased at all throughout middle and high school for having a big nose. There was this one kid who would say stuff about it, but he was a drop out and would make fun of someone for having body hair that isnt symmetrical, so I never really took much of what he said seriously. I even went through a pretty rough fraternity and never got teased for it while another kid was constantly picked on for having a huge fore head. I got teased the most about it last year, when I was 25 and living with these 2 dead beats. All in all, I could really count on my hands the number of people that have made fun of me over my nose. And it never comes from attractive girls or handsome guys. I just dont understand how all these other people with big noses say they have been made fun of since they were little and can’t go anywhere without hearing something, while I was teased most about it as a 25 year old? go figure…

Answer #5

hey everyone , I no how the taunts and nasty comments hurt because I was bullyed too =( it started in year 9 by a few lads who said stuff like (o hear comes mint card nose)

those comments made me feel lower then dirt =( and it made my selfesteem hit rock bottom… my friends (not anymore) well at the time they would say o yeah your realy pritty then behind my back they would slag me off and say stuff about me =( also I remember when I walked past the good looking lads and they smiled at me until I got close and they started giigling at me saying yeah shes fit but look at her nose !! =(

buut a ray of happiness should be mine soon as im saving up for a nose job … its gunna cost me £2000 but it will be worth it =) .

but girls have you noticed the ones with realy skinny bodys and the ones with perfect hair and nails and facail features are usauly stuck up and full of them selfs?? =P… anyways dont let the bullys get to you im sure your realy pritty people =) x

Answer #6

yeah it sucks and I plan on straighting it and making it smaller when I get the money…I just feel like my nose is really holding me back and not letting me by myself and dress the way I want to and act the way I want to…but whatever you guys do good luck to all of you

Answer #7

now. I’m sure I have the longest/biggest nose here. mine is 6cm long!! I have had a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon and he said he can only take off 5mm. to me this was very insignificant and would not really change the length of my nose. So, I’m just gonna live with it. If girls find it really unattractive, then I don’t care!!! I’m more musculine then normal guys with smaller noses than mine. I’ve haven’t really been bullied at school/uni so I’ve been one of the lucky one’s. people you need to be strong and if people insult you because of your nose then just simply say to them “you(the bully/ies) think you are perfect… well, you are not!!! because you are shallow”!!!

Answer #8

well mine is actually overgrown for a 17 years old, and I actually hate it. and people make fun of it and it hurts but I just forget it, well thats at least what I can do, because im not going around hitting everyone lol. I have kissed before, so a tip for thos elike me, dont go straight lol because you may have trouble. I dont really think its a turn over , I mean I have actually never asked a girl seriously to go out with me or something, so im not sure that if they turn over someone its may be because of that but anyway. im planing on having a plastic surgery after I finish high-school , do you guys think I should do it or not??

Answer #9

I have a big nose to. People in my school call me big nose, I hate my nose I have very low self esteem. but I have a little bump noticable but I dont mind. I just really wish I didnt have such a big nose,I cry sometimes but I have my best friend who also has a bigger nose then me & she conforts me ;) with her food stamp yall ready know what it is RHBA FAGGIT

Answer #10

I’ve been teased about my big nose since 4th grade… it’s huge, with a growing bump, and it holds me back from doing so much. right now im trying out the “nose right” or “nose huggie” which you wear 15 mins a day and it molds the cartilage in your nose. I hope it works. I hate my nose with everything I have and I would do anything for a smaller one. I’m only 13 and its already huge and it makes me so self conscious and so low in self esteem because everyday I wish I was pretty..

Answer #11

if you have one you probably dislike it. but I doubt anyone really cares about it. it’s part of your look and I’m sure to some people it’s a turn on. I’m sure the amount of people who find it attractive beats the amount of people who genuinely dislike it.

Answer #12

Steph_nish I totally know what you’re talking about. I just turned sixteen, broken my nose once, and have a huge bump and it still was big and bumpy because it runs in the family. I’m totally conscious about it and I cry a lot. I also have glasses and when I wear them, I hide my nose bump. But I dont go out with my glasses on. I’ve gotten coments like I’m passing in the street and I hear someone say “what a big nose”.. or at school one girl told me that I look like a witch with this nose. I had a boy admit to me that they refer to me as “the big nosed girl” and it hurts so bad! I cry a lot and I wish that I can fix it but I don’t have money :( I would really like to contact you, it’s nice to know someone who’s in my situation. no-one understands me and some of my friends tell me that I’m over-reacting but I just see my nose as my huge enemy and I can’t seem to accept it.

Answer #13

I have a big nose mines is wide and there are pople who make fun of my nose and I used to feel like my nose was a big problem and it would be a turn off to guys but I learned that some people dont care about my nose and it’s not a turn off but I just started thinkin to myself I was made with my big nose for reason so I don’t care what people say cause they have nothing better to do cause they have no life I have a big nose and im proud to have one you might feel different but you should be happy with the ay you are

Answer #14

I am very sensitive bowt my nose, I have broken it 3 times and have a bump in it anyway as its been passed down by my family. I think its rally big and ugly and people have told me this as well. I am that bothered about what people think I wear glasses (which I do need) which cover the bump up, it makes my nose look smaller. The point is I dont think anyone should be made to feel like this, its horrible, I wont even let people see me without my glasses on, except for like ma best mate, I wish I never became so obsessive about it, Im only 15 but I wud do anything to change it, which is really bad really cus I wish I could accept I was hu I was, and thats it. I don’t find a big nose a turn off in a guy, and bumps can look good on guys sometimes but I always thought guys didnt like girls with big noses but actually some just dont care, its like saying guys hate skinny girls but not all of them do, I know plenty of skinny girls with hot boyfriends.

Answer #15

I have a big nose, with a natural bump in it, and it sucks in my opinion. Sometimes I think I’m hideous, but at other times I think I’m pretty or cute or something, but most times I feel really self conscience when I think about it. Boys have told me I’m pretty, and that makes me feel awesome, but other times I’ve been teased for my nose. The last time was when I was like 12 and that led to one giant sobbing fest and I’ve been self conscience ever since. I’m 14 now, and I’m starting to get over it because I think I have good qualities that over power my nose. I consider myself to have pretty eyes, and just recently, though I have braces, someone told me I have a great smile. Noses just don’t really matter too much the way I look at it. And to the girl above me, I know EXACTLY how you feel, because when I was 12 I considered the exact same thing. Don’t go through with it until you’re older. In a few years, you’ll probably be over it. If not go for it, but I think you should wait till you’re at least 18.

Answer #16

I have a big nose…well its kinda of big at the top its strait and fine but when you get down to the tip its more fatter than therest…I have never got teased over my noes well accutly some of the hot boys say that im fit. im 12 years old and I have kissed a boy once and if you have a big noes its nothing to worry about because you just tilt your head and it goes in the gape. I never point ut to my mates or anyone that I have a big noes and that I hate it because then they will probebly notice itand start saying something… im trying to save up for a noes job…but im scared that it will turn out really wrong… what do you guys think???

Answer #17

hey I have a big nose and there are people who make fun out of me and take the mick bowt my nose they say is you nose swollen and the other time when I was in a lesson and these 2 girls were in front of me and they were talking about noses and they started saying o look at her she has a really big fat nose well really you shuldnt mind because you can nothing about it and its just the way you look you shouldnt hurt your self esteem and just put your head up and dont mind what others say your nose is the perfect shape for your face.

Answer #18

There is nothing wrong with a big nose, nothing at all. A nose has a job it filters our the air we breath in, if your nose does that there is nothing wrong with it. The idea that we have, or that anyone has, that a big nose is a bad thing or an ugly thing is purely psychological, and these problems can not be fixed with surgery. I have a big nose and i have been told numerous times that i am pretty, but i wont believe it, and if i do i think im pretty but have an ugly nose. i never accept that as part of me. But im trying to learn to. It would be very easy to get a nose job and be completely comfortable have a small nose. But that is not what i want for myself. I want to reach a point where i love my nose. I want to find someone that will love me with my nose, and i know i can. Even if you do get your nose fixed, you will find something else to dislike about yourself, it never stops. I say accept your nose and i will accept mine. As for the teasing, certain horrible people will find anything to tease you about.

Answer #19

Well I’m 13 years old single btw lol jk and I have a big nose and used to get teased but I’m in yr 8 and never get teased anymore which is good. And also no girls ever tease me about my nose so if anyone out there is upset don’t be just live your life and live it well ;)

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