How to look prettier. How could I look pretty with a big nose.

No boys like me at school they think im ugly. I have pretty eyes and lips but my nose is like huge. I wish I could get plastic surgery but Im only 13. I know thet no one will ever like me until maybe I am old anough to get a nose job. And I bet nose jobs are super expensive. Im getting my braces off soon so I will have a pretty smile, and I plan to get contacts,because guys like girls without glasses, I guess. How could I look pretty with a big nose? How would I do my makeup to make me look prettier? I know I wont grow out of my big nose because my mom and grandma and grandpa still have a huge nose. Everyone makes fun of me and alwas says im so ugly, just because I have a big nose :(. I know I shouldnt listen to them. Even my family makes fun of me.

Answer #1

Ok… 1: Play up your best features…like your eyes an lips? put lip gloss on..and eyes makeup that makes your eyes pop!!! force people to notice that part of your face instead of your “big nose” and honestly you don’t know that you won’t grow out of it…plus a big nose is nothing to be ashamed of …as long as you have a good attitude and confidence guyz really won’t care…and when people do make fun of you laugh and say thxs…I like my nose it makes me who I am.

Answer #2

well hun I think fist off you need to gain some confidence. but I know thats hard.I used to be over weight, I am fourteen so I know its hard at this age to fit in and stuff. I used to be made fun of BIG that I grew out of my chubby stage just this last year,I have an awesome body , and all the guys that ever made fun of me are crawling all over me…its awesome cause I can be like ummm no you were a jerk.and I bet the same could happen to you.

but I believe the first step to looking pretty is your attitude. if you think you are pretty so will everyone else. believe sounds dumb but its true. think about it..what if the gorgeous cheerleaer at your school thought she was butt ugly and didnt talk to anyone.everyone wouldnt talk to her then and she wouldnt be so popular so all im saying is get out and mingle more, be super flirty(;

oh and for makeup.pick your favorite aspect of your face. it could be your eyes,lips,eyebrows anything! and play it lets say you love your eyes. throw some eyeliner on and some eye shadow, what this does is it takes the focus off of your nose and onto your eyes. so that your nose wouldnt be the first thing people notice about you. it will be your gorgeous eyes(:

so I really hope I helped. love,


Answer #3

omg. I feel ya, girl. I have a big nose, but I actually got my boyfriends with some other features, like being nice or smart. :) even if you have a big nose, if you fix your hair up and dress nicely, anyone could be pretty. ^_^

Answer #4

get longer angle cut, side swept bangs. I have a lot of guy friends with horribly big noses & they have those haircuts and you cant even tell.

Answer #5

awe:( when you get your contacts and braces off and use a lot of pweder to make your face look pretty watch how guys will start liking u.

Answer #6

its not about your nose I bet your pretty girl and the nose is not the bad thing you will find a boy some day that loves you and your nose but for now just think about your school work and laugh at them when they laugh at you

Answer #7

the biggest problem isent you nose hun its you confidance. And if you want a good boyfreind then your gonna have to find someone who likes you for you and not for waht you look like. honestly who wants a shallow boyfriend right. just be yourself, the biggest probleem with people these days is that they feel like noone likes them because they dont look plastic. your unique and who gives a fuck what anyone has to say about it you know what I mean. you need to stick up for yourself a little.. obviously if those boys your after are judging you for what you look like then are the really gonna be someone that you can wake up next to and not worry about what you look like. you want to feel good on the inside because looks wont ever bring you happieness

Answer #8

I have a big nose too, but I know I’mm pretty cause I’ve ganned some confidence. I don’t listen to them & just block them outt. Once I did thatt I got a boyfriend. (I’vee had planty of them but this one I know he loves me) soo… don’t worry.. justt gain your own confidence. & say ‘bugg off’

Answer #9

I understand what you mean completly!!!

But girl, you have HAVE TOO have some cinfidence in yourself! im sure you are very beautiful! a step to being beautiful starts from the inside, seriuosly! Look at those popular pretty girls at school- you may say they have nice features but tell me about their attitude, makes you disgusted huh?? SURE DOES TO ME! THEir cruel!

So first just have great confidence. ACt crazy and hyper and dont care what anyone would say. I know iTS very very hard to ignore bad comments, but showing them that you dont care and dont get tempered about it, makes it harder for them!! you know?

and second, yes- focus on the best feature from your face and play it up! I love LOVE lipglosses- not my lips but I just cant wear eyemakeup yet so I chooes to play with my lips! I buy plump ups, pink shades, orange shades I just go crazy and then many say “OMG! I like your lipsgloss…” lol so pick and play!

and also if you have nice body or at least a good body feature then find something good for that too!!! its nice to have a good body and face feature(S)!!

plus, if you noticed something about your face that you dont like, write it down on a paper BUT I REPEAT do not make a big fuss about it! dont think its the end of the world and start freaking out more because yuou have this or that…

But anyways write it down. ANd START finding solutions. example: got blackeahds? buy clear and clean products. Do homemade recipes. Pimply face? nuetrogena or proactive products, excersise, hair off the face when sweating, homemade recipes, masks and washing face 2x a day.

you get me??? so everything has a solution but at the right time and takes patience!

But accept yourself, if you cant then it will make your life more miserable. Plus, JUST TO LET YOU KNOW that getting a nose job at 13 is alright!! Now, this is a whole new subject but the main point is that if you want to get a nose job just because you dont like the shape, then wait till your 18!!! or 16.

BUT if you want it because you dont like the shape AND cant breathe (deviated septum sinus…) then theres a HUGGEEE chance they will et you at 13 or 14.. I mighht get one soon so yeah!

IF You have any questions just ask me! :) :)

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