What should i do when my BF tells me hes sad in a text and i ask him why and he wont tell me then he wont text me back? Should i call him?

Answer #1

yea maybe you should call him maybe he ran out of battery or prepaid…

Answer #2

no. if he wont tell you over a text, what makes you think he’ll tell you if you call?

Answer #3

yes, it might be a good idea,if your freind is sad theres a possibility he could do something dangerouse to himself if its something thats really bothering. i you can a hold of him tell him your there for him and will do your best to help him if he needs your help. if you cant get through to him and are getting really worried, call soem other freinds who know him and ask if they know what hes doing, or if you can, contact his parents and ask them if hes ok. its likley that he just doesnt want to talk about soemthing thats bothering him, but its good to make sure hes ok just in case

Answer #4

maybee..yuuh shud go see him…guys r so complicated :/

Answer #5

Ptsh!! We’re Only Alittle Complicated! Lol

Answer #6

lol.. a lil??? riteeeeee hehe

Answer #7

Yea i cant see him right now though because hes in another state. but he lives around me its like vacation. i dont think hes ganna do anything to serious but i think it could be about our relasionship. i think ill just talk to him later because his battery could have dies but i did try calling his phone is doing this thing that wont let people call him so ill have to try later. thanks for the help though :)

Answer #8

Okay Maybe Medium :P

Answer #9

gud luck! :)

Answer #10

lol..medium…sounds too lil lol jk

Answer #11

i must be right about the dead battery but dont worry cuz he might b just busy and thinking about the sad thing and he didnt even give clues that he’s reaally really sad cuz it was just a txt message…gud luck darling!

Answer #12

the 1st words that come to me are attention seeking.

Answer #13

well my dear if you both have been having relationship issues then that is obviously the problem..if he is acting like he doesnt want to talk to you and his cell phone is as if it is dead he probably is screening your call & since someone doesnt want to talk that is usually what they do!(hell even have done that when I dont feel like talking to someone I just see the number on the screen & click end to stop the phone from calling or just turn it off!) Seems like he is hinting you that he doesnt want to talk right now, giving him that space to think about things & perhaps allowing him to reach out to you when he is ready might be the better solution then to track him down which just might be more irritating to him & not want to talk to you even more…or worse might even make him scream at you if he gets all p!ssed off about you trying to track him down! From my experience, some guys just really need their space without people (gf’s) breathing down their necks… just try to give him his space for now…dont call, dont text, nothing…just stay clear of him…allow him to make the first move…you called & text him & he didnt respond…that means the ball is in his hand…what he chooses to do with it is where the relationship is headed…either a future or a break up…just be patient & play the waiting game.

Hope everything ends up ok…chin up…and if it doesnt you can always talk to us about it…my funmail is here for ya if you need to talk…anytime!♥

Answer #14

Just leave da idiot ahlone.

Answer #15

Wow he sent me texts that i just saw on my phone and he said that his phone fell behind the bed and that it was about the way his mom was treating us going out and how she would joke us. Then i just talked to him and he said that he was fine and that he wanted to see what i would say. Haha, that little jerk lol

Answer #16

ohh.. lol tats mean >:) just made u worry fo nuhin

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