Benefits of being a waitress?

What are benefits of being a waitress?

I just need some ideas of what to talk about:)

Thank you.

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Waitresses develop extra special customer service skills, and tons of patiencs and understanding. People can be extremely rude.

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Ok hmmm, seriously I would say that you get a lot of expierience with dealing with a lot of different types of people and how to please them.

You build a lot of charisma by talking all day and how to approach people.

You 'make' your own salary on tips and you can claim any cosmetic surgery a tax deduction!

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L0L. Haha injun.

These need to be appropriatee l0l, I have to present this thing about waitresses.

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haha yess. thank you.
that helped a lot.

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You get to meet a lot of people and you get hit on a lot by hot guys lol.

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Good Tippers.

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(haha cant spell...)

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