Being gay, The new 'in thing'

Ok before I start I am not against anyone who is gay or bi. It seems every guy I seem to like is either gay or slowly turning gay.. My now ex cheated on me with another guy..and I didn’t find out until yesterday(about a week after we broke up) & he cheated on me with another one of my guy friends..I didn’t know he was gay either..then abit more then a month ago I ran into another guy I use to go out with 3 years ago..and I started liking him..then today he came out & said he’s gay/bi..and he’s done ‘it’ with my the?

Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else? or do I just attract the gay guys..

Answer #1

sadly most if not all gays have been sexually abused by a relative of same gender OR they had no parent of the same sex so they always will question themselves if they are gay. its a very sad thing and I feel bad for any who go through this. they act like theyre happy and theyre nice to each other because it reminds them of their own problems and so they convince each other that its the life for them. I realize this may cause some drama if any with this problem read this but I’m very sorry im just stating valid information and I hope you find that you CAN go back.

BACK TO THE POINT: if you ever have a boyfriend who has had problems dont stress out because he will sense this and it will make him feel like he’s less than a man so just be confident and if he brings it up you should think about your response and how it will affect the situation. talk to him more about how you feel about him (nothing about worrying about his manhood or sexuality) and help him realize that he is a normal human being (be creative ;D). hope this helps

Answer #2

im sorry but that has not been proven and people may instantly question themself after a harrasment/abuse but theyre never sure if they are gay until theyve been convinced… and please do not say anything stupid about my information… its been shown to be very accurate

Answer #3

The only thing new about “gay” is the word. Even the placement of the definition in the dictionary is an afterthought. Let’s call it what it really is “homosexual”. Nothing new. Homosexualty has been around since the beginning of time and even in biblical accounts has been looked upon as inappropriate behavior. An individual may choose to ignore the teachings of the bible, but they would be hard-pressed to challenge the historical content of it.

Also since the beginning of time youth has chosen symbols of identification for their shock value to establish identity.(, hair style, attention seeking behavior, musical affinity, tats, piercing, etc.)

In response to beth liveyourlife, you stated “People don’t slowly turn gay either- they might slowly come out of the closet and slowly decide to accept there sexuality but if you are gay you are born that way- scientific research proves this now”

That’s a pretty bold statement and I challenge you to prove the source (I.e. scientific website, scientific documentation, etc.) of this research you refer to. Genetic study is in its infancy and inconclusive at this point.

It might be a good idea for you to tack on a few more years of experience and knowledge to that 16-year-old being of yours before you influence some other trusting individual(possibly even younger than you)with heresay.

Homosexuality is not a good choice and depending on an individuals belief system it violates God’s law, and for you agnostics or athiests, it defies the laws of nature.

However,there is a way you can change my way of thinking(shared by the majority of mankind). When you can present empirical evidence that two males united as one, or two females united as one were able to procreate, you will have my undivided attention that homosexuality, or as it is put, “being gay, the new ‘in thing”‘.

Answer #4

Basically, You are born gay or straight or BI. Just to clear that up. Now, I have hardly met any gay men but the ones I have met knew they where from adolescence. Some figured it out in Teenage years. I myself am BI but you’re problem is just luck. You will find a straight or BI man and they will love you. Patience, It’s OK. I have mine (I haven’t dated) And I am fine.

Answer #5

im2byteme You are the dumbest and most ignorant person I have seen on this website. You can not tell anyone that being GAY is a choice, because you ARE not GAY YOURSELF. You cannot comment on something, you have no idea about. What happens to couples that can’t have kids, according to you there not natural. It is not against GOD’s law. Considering that GOD CREATED ME. He knew everything I am. because he gave ME life. What is disgusting is your ignorance and stupidiy. But you have every right to raise your voice an opinion. no matter how dumb it is.

Answer #6

Its not exactly the “new in thing” its just homosexuality is starting to become more accepted in to society and so these people feel that they can speak out more openly. Not saying everyone accepts it because of course they don’t but it’s generally more accepted than it was say 30 years ago.

People don’t slowly turn gay either- they might slowly come out of the closet and slowly decide to accept there sexuality but if you are gay you are born that way- scientific research proves this now.

Answer #7

It’s a sad commentary on the times in which we live - all sorts of thing are ‘celebrated’ - many issues are 180 degrees out from what they should be.

Answer #8

robor…I’m not a man.

& I’m not going out with him anymore..he broke up with me.

& he said he’s gay..hes had sex with more then one guy..

Answer #9

Being gay is tough to go through especially growing up because of all the homophobia in this world. A lot of people know they’re gay from day one but think if they date a girl it might just somehow go away or suddenly they wont be gay anymore but it doesn’t happen like that an eventually they come to the conclusion that that’s who they are and they need to accept it. Someone doesn’t just “slowly turn gay”.

Other people just aren’t sure of themselves so they like to experiment, that might have been what happened with these two, they were just trying to find themselves and learn about their sexuality. Just because a guy does that doesn’t make him gay, it could be bi-sexuality or he might be bi-curious. There are other options so don’t jump to the gun.

Being gay isn’t the ‘in’ thing, it’s a lifestyle that is actually really tough for a lot of people; mainly the bullying, judgment, etc. I don’t know what it’s like to go through this but I know a couple of people who have.

Answer #10

just keep looking and remember my advice incase you encounter what I explained. if theyre convinced that they are gay it will be destructive to your relationship to try and help but if you dont care how it goes after that then go ahead

Answer #11

Burton, please do show what credible researcher has actually shown your information to be accurate? The scientific community on the whole accepts homosexuality to be something inborn, and there’s nothing linking it to abuse or missing a parent… so either you’re mistaken, or you’re lying…

Answer #12

I dont know. well I mean I have barley met any gay guys but I do have a lot of lez girls after me. Im bi and I dont mind lol but I dont know whats wrong.

Answer #13

Ditto to ty…on what authority do attribute this information, Burton?? I’ lived within the gay community for many years…back when it was absolutley necessary to hide the fact (early 70’s)…Nobody I knew was abused, and one parent homes at that time were the minority…

How do you explain that many homosexuals KNOW they are “different” byage 7 or 8? Long before hormones have taken up residence in the body?? Science has seen a genetic difference in the males…and is still searching for a difference in females…

Maybe you should do some more research?? Maybe ASK them?


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