What are new things i can do legally at 17?

I just turned 17 like a few minutes ago (lol). I wanna know some stuff im allowed to do now. I already know I can watch rated are movies in theaters. And obviously you can buy rated are movies and rated m games even if your 6. Thanx

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You can travel to Germany and legally buy beer and wine and drink it in public.

For all other alcoholic beverages as well as cigarettes, you have to wait till you turn 18.

And I think you can travel to Scotland and get married without your parents consent.

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you can pretty much do all the same things you could do at 16
because 17 isnt exactly a milestone or special birthday like an 18th or 21st
when you turn 18 your then legally an adult and can do all the other stuff, depending on your countrys laws
but not at 17

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theres really not much more you can do at 17 besides rater are movies. Some clubs over here have a 17 year old age limit though so thats a possibility over there to :)

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You can legally practise magic outside of Hogwarts.

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