Becoming famous ?

Ok, so I’ve been listening to soo many songs which say like “follow your dream” “live your live your way” and I really love singing and I dont want to join a school singing class becaus I dont think that will get me anywhere near famous. But how could I become famous ? I’ve wanted this for years now, so the question is how could I become famous ? And sometimes I bring myself down saying things like “I might aswell give up, im just a girl which no one knows” Please help ? :( (im not confident ether)

Answer #1

Joining a choir or singing class will do wonders for your voice. Sure, it’s not gonna get you famous, but you’ll learn how to control your voice, what notes you can and cannot hit, proper breathing techniques, and such. Which in the long run, could help you be famous.

You can look for audtitions and such but that’s not a guarantee. You could also try getting an agent. But the best thing you could do is just get out there. Look for local open mic nights and singing competitions. Write some music and do a concert somewhere. You aren’t going to get fame handed to you, unless of course you have a famous relative or something. Get a camera and put videos on YouTube. You never know what can happen.

Answer #2

FIrst: Build you´re confidence up!! just look at people like Beyonce dancing in some sort of bathing-suite thingy and shaking her booty in “single ladies”.. only confidence can make her do that, huh? Second: Do research and keep your eyes open for auditions.. look for musicals, singing contests and such Third: You say that you dont want to join the school singing class because it wont help to make you famous, but you dont know that do you? You´ll develop and improve your voice and your teacher will probably have tons of info on opportunities.

And then someday you´ll fulfill dreams, but thats only possible with optimism and a whole lot of work !

Answer #3

First build up your confidence then once thats builded a little you should start your school singing class, it might not make you famous but it could help you a lot with your singing. Once you’ve joined that carry on singing around your bedroom and start talent shows or something x

Answer #4

I sung in the school choir, accapella group and rock band. Lots of fun. Being in front of a lot of people forces you to be confident because you don’t want to come off as a loser. Have you have vocal lessons? Can you ACTUALLY sing? I’m not being mean, I’ve just seen American Idol so many times and people are deluded into believing they can really sing when they just can’t. I’ve sung in a band after leaving high school for a few years, playing in pubs and clubs etc. Lots of fun. But confidence is key. You gotta build that. Confident people are the ones who succeed in what they love the most. I think there is a difference between wanting to sing and wanting to be famous. Do you sing because you like it or do you sing because you want to be in magazines and on tv all of the time? Everyone wants to be famous for some reason or another. But I hope you don’t have dreams of becoming the next Paris Hilton, because thats down right icky. :P The above comments are right on the money. I know quite a few people who’ve had record deals etc but be careful- it’s all about the money, not the person. They’ll shove you out the way for the next hot thing in a heart beat.

Answer #5

Do the school singing thing, it might not make you famous but it can help improve your voice and help you with high notes etc. Build your confidence and look out for auditions. Google auditions and you might find something. It’s best if you get a agent but I suppose you don’t have to. Good luck!!!

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