Barely dressed young girls?

So last week at school a girl (14 year old freshman, I have a friend who knows her. So I got his from her.) walked into the cafeteria one morning barely dressed.
I'm talking, SHORT skirt, LOW cut shirt, knee high socks, bracelet szed earrings, high heels.
(She looked like a cheap hooker to me.)
And she's not the only one who does it.
But all my friends and I could think was, "Where was her mom this morning?"
If I had a daughter and she tried to leave the house like that, I'd flip.
Probably say some stuff I'd regret later.

I'm not sure what these girls think.
It's usually the middle schoolers and freshmen in my school (I'm a junior).
Do they think they need to dress like that to get people to like them?
Do they think it looks good?
'Cause all the rest of us do is wonder why their parents aren't stepping in and saying something.
It doesn't look nice at all.

So yeah.

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''Toadaly'' gets pleasure looking at girls that dress like that

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I know they don't share my values.
I'm perfectly fine with that.
I never said they should.
I simply stated they look bad when the dress like that.

If you don't mind seeing girls dressed like that, then that's just great too.

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Well, not everyone of your generation shares your values. The sooner you learn to accept diversity, the better.

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thats crazy
maybe she just wants attetion
but still eww

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parents dont know about it.
I mean most people bring clothes with them to get dressed after thers no parents.

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I think its awful, when I was in junior high, there was a lot of girls that dressed like that and they all had the reputation for being "skanks". its so sad, morals and values have completely gone out the window for some people.

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The thing about this girl is her mom brings her to school (we get there at the same time some days) and she gets out of the car like that.
Other girls do it too.
These girls need common sense classes or something.
It's NOT cool to dess like that.

Sometimes my generation really disappoints me, to say the least.

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Dressing like a hooker is not diversity.
"If you"ve got it, flaunt it"
preferably somewhere else---
like a strip club?

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Well I think that is gross. I mean nothings wrong with short cute skirts like from abercrombie and hollister but when your wearing high heels and big hoop earrings it does put out the image of a hooker. I guess all you can do is talk to your principle or conseler about it and tell them how they need to narrow down the dress code a little or talk to the girls yourself. There only freshman, the least they could do is well .. nothing(:

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You get a lifee and stop worrying about what I say.

It's not just having to see them.
It's that they dress like that in the first place that bothers me.
It's not appropriate for people their age.
She's 14.
She doen't have anything worth showing off or anyone worth showing it off to.
I basically see those girls as pedophile magnets and I won't even think twice when they do get raped or molested.
It'll be their own damn fault.

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you're school needs a dresscode. if I walked into school like that, I'd be suspended.

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We have a dress code.
They just don't really enforce it.

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This is today's society, but I think parents have a response her to talk to their daughters not to wear too revealing clothes.

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