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How do I apply for bankrupcy when I owe 50,000.00 in hospital bills to avoid a lien on my property or gaurnachement of my part-time wages?

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I do not know about bankruptcy.

I do know you have options.

#1 Check out the hospital that you owe money to and see if you can work with them. Many have grants or charity you can apply for to pay their bill.

#2. The doctors should work with you if you contact them to let them know you don't have insurance, they could work out a payment plan or something to get the bills paid.

#3. If you are going to be disabled from work for a year then check into Medicare for help with bills and financial help.

#4. Medicaid will help you if you have children living at home with you or are an elder person.

#5. Ask your doctor what might be available to help with prescriptions and/medical supplies.

You should ALWAYS TALK to the people you owe money to. Even if you cannot pay them, you can ask about what plans they might have available for assistance. Never leave a creditor high and dry. They will burn you.

Remember to be courteous and treat them with respect. YOU OWE THEM so please let them know what is going on with you. They can't read your mind. They figure you are trying to rip them off if you don't communicate with them. They need to know. AND you'll feel a lot less stress if you aren't running every time the phone or doorbell rings.

I sure hope this helps you. My daughter has been having her own medical time so I know what you are going through. Trying to get help can seem endless, but it may be the best way not to have to loose everything you own.

God's Best to You.

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