What would you do if you found a bag of cash in the street?

Answer #1

I would take it to the police station and turn it in, if nobody claimed it, the police would most likely return it to me, only then would I take it otherwise I couldn’t wrongfully take something that wasn’t mine to take

Answer #2

OMG! i’d just stand there battling with myself whether to take it or turn it in to the police until some other person picks it up. My id and superego would cease fire for the time being.

Answer #3

Search it for whether there was any info about the proper owner somewhere in there. And then take it to the lost property office in town hall.

An entire bag full of cash… I see no reason why anyone would carry one. Every legal bargain is made via bank accounts. I would be scared to get in trouble with criminals if I took it. It could be payment for illegal substances, ransom payment for a kidnapper, defraudation of tax or whatever. I don’t want the mafia to knock on my door the next day, so I’d see to get rid of it. If no one comes to pick it up in 6 months and if they can’t find out where it’s from it will be mine. If it was really legal and someone comes to pick it up, the owner will have to pay me 3% of it as a reward (by law in my country).

Answer #4

The mafia things sound scary but true.

Answer #5

Here in my country, you can not trust the police, once you turn it in to the police, an other police would come to claim it and they all share the cash. GGGRRR!!!!

Answer #6

Most people will say they will turn it in, but in all honesty i would take it. My family is dire need of money and if i stumbled upon it then i would not hesitate to take it

Answer #7

Grab a small amount out of the bag and use it to put an announcement it in the newspaper. “Found bag with 1000000$ cash in XY-street. Gave it to the police station in YZ-street. Owner, please go to the police station and describe the bag in size and color.”

Answer #8

Ummmm I wud like to say I wud turn it in but I can’t say I wud

Answer #9

Take it. D:

Answer #10

With knowing how the cops are, I have to agree with Sri, they live by the finders keepers rule…You find you take…if you report it, its gone, most likely to them!

It would be the right thing to do to report it…but hell who does the right thing anymore! :(

I personally would be too afraid to even attempt opening the bag in the first place…might be a su!cide bomb…but if I knew it was all that money I would most likely take it..use 10% of it by investing it & the rest I would prob give to various charities also depending on how much was in there!if it is just a small amount & would prob just give it to the nearest charity like the homeless, a battered woman’s shelter, a child abuse group home, or a NA facility to help users get clean! That is also what I said I wanted to do if I won the lottery! (but hey that is just me)

Answer #11

keep it!

Answer #12

whats your country

Answer #13

I would be battling against myself, to keep it or turn it in. & also knowing how the world is these days with the cops who live in it, I prob would in the end decide keeping it. I would however donate some money to a church or organization… just so I would feel better, so I didn’t keep all the money :)

Answer #14

Lol I would take some of it for myself, but also give some of it to a local hospital for the cancer foundation =D <3

Answer #15

I really would not even touch it… I just have this thing about it being some kind of trap or something, maybe it’s just me, but I would just leave it.

Answer #16

If i found a bag of cash in the street i guess id keep it because you can’t trust anybody but yourself lol.so yeah.

Answer #17

stare at it and wonder if i’m seeing things, look around me, and quickly pocket it :).. i’m such a good person.

Answer #18

see how much was inside.

Answer #19

well it would b tempting to take but i wouldnt do tht!!! I would look in the bag and c if there is any name on it so i can contact tht person. bt other than tht i wouldnt know wht to do , i would prob leave it there! ahaha

Answer #20

I wouldn’t battle against myself or feel guilty in any way. I’d take the money and walk away laughing.

Answer #21

I’d hand it in to the police but thats because i live in the U.K whereas in your case i’d donate it to a charity and hope that the person who lost it dont go looking round for it :P

Answer #22


Answer #23


Answer #24

Indonesia, which is now break the record of becoming the best 5 most corrupting country. I am not saying I am proud of it but police is serving people with money.

Answer #25

You will see it when you arrive home lol

Answer #26

posession is 9/10ths of the law, so yea id keep all of it

Answer #27

to Be Honest I Would Keep It.

Answer #28

I’d go in and hand it in to the police Cus if nobody claims it the person who found it and handed it in would get it

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