Bad bleach job gone wrong!!!

My girlfriend bleached my hair 3 days ago/ big mess.I had been coloring it myself for over 4-5 years (MED BR). Looked great before. What was done: for 45 mins she put loreal high performance quick blue powder bleach mix with half bottle of loreal 40 vol developer oxydant revelador (oreor creme) bad idea. My hair was then orange where the old color was and white by the roots. After all that she put clairol #87 nice’n easy ultra light natural blonde for 45 mins and wow still orange with some blonde/ scalp burnt a little although more worried about the orange/blonde look. What did she do wrong?? How do I fix this/make it all blonde?

Thanks for your advice Troy

Answer #1

Just got my hair dyed last night. I’m in Korea and the lady didn’t understand “highlights” so she just did an all over blonde which left me walking out of the salon $100 out of pocket and orange hair. After a huge night of sobbing and regretting, I am realizing that IT IS JUST HAIR. My locks went all the way down to my waist and the damage from the bleach ended with me having to cut at least three inches off.. My advice to you is to wait, let the hair recover for AT LEAST a week, then go to a professional. We all experience bad hair jobs, your friends and coworkers will understand, as long as you dont let it ruin your attitude. Your hair is not who you are, it is just icing on a cake that should be sweet enough by itself. Everyone will appreciate the situation if you laugh it off, enjoy having a crazy look for a while, and concentrate on letting people see YOU and not just your hair. You will get through this, you ALL will. Hair, thankfully grows back. This is a life lesson learned and next time, stick to what you know. For now, though, make the best of it, make jokes, take goofy pictures to commemorate this short period in your life when you look completely different. Bottom line is, those who know you will not care what your hair looks like. Those who don’t know you and will judge you don’t even matter. Love yourself no matter what. :) We’re all blessed to even have hair problems. I was talking to my stepfather today and complaining about how bad it looks, when I realized, he is bald. He couldn’t have hair problems even if he wanted to.

Answer #2


Doing anything else to your hair could just make it worse. I would go to a hair salon and have them even it out!

Good luck!

Answer #3

well to tell you the truth i had the same thing happen to me….. What hapened was that you left the bleaching mix in your hair tooo long and it mixed with your med brown hair and turned an orangish color……. try going to a professional saln and seeing if they can help………if not then wait at least a month-month and a half to dye it again…….. good luck…….

Answer #4

I had dyed v. Dark hair for 2 years. Today I bleached it and it came out White roots going into yellow then orange then burnt orange with black bits. Bleached again and now it’s the same without the black. Going to bleach the orange length tomorrow again and then put a darker blonde all over to get rid of the yellow and White roots. Good idea?

Answer #5

im in the middle of this situation right now!! I get blonde highlights but bn a student havn got the $ for it right now and my roots wer embaressin so I got a bloned dye put that in and my roots went a copper/ brown nt 2 bad but not wot I wnted and the blonde at the end went warm brown aswell??? confused I got a bleach kit and the ends are gorge but my roots have gone orange. I think I didnt leave it on the roots long enough so I’ve got another 1 but now im scared !!!

Answer #6

My natural hair colour is mid brown, I’ve been colouring blonde my self for years which has been fine, last autumn I decided to go jet black which I also did myself, still no probs.

I wanted to go back blonde, bought a 40% bleach kit from the chemist and applied it. Some colour did lift but I was left with white roots and red/ginger streaks. So, silly me, next day put another bleach kit on my hair, has lifted to an orange/blonde streakyness and to top it all half of my hair has now broken off…arrrgghhh. My hair is fine and was a nice blunt above the shoulder bob!

I know the old rule ‘get it done professionally’ but I don’t have the £ for that.

Luckily I have 2 wigs that will tied me over and make me look normal again to the outside world but what can I do in the long run.

Can I wait a week and then buy a semi permanent not so harsh colour in a more natural dark blonde and put that on just to make it more presentable?

Whats the best deep condition to use on my broken staw like mess thats left?

Answer #7

just back from the hair salon after my hair mess bleached it and roots whent white the rest was orange so put a light ash blonde over roots are lovely but didnt fix the ends just lightend them so after a lot of thought I got the bleach out again BAD IDEA messed my hair up big time cryed my way up to the hair dressers had to get it cut from just past my sholders to a short bob it is horible and colour is still not right very light blonde pink DONT DO IT now I have to grow the colour out

Answer #8

Somethings happend to my hair like that at the moment help ? my hair natural is a darkish blonde and goes blonder in the summer because of the sun I’ve duyed my hair plenty of times and brighter blonde but htis time I duyed my hair qwuite blondish whitish it was the live colopur xxl colour box and before I duyed my hair ther brightsh coloutr I allso had some redish pupleiksh colour in my hair so I put this colout in my hair for about 45 - 50 mins and someof my hair went yellowish and ginger and dopnt no how to fix it im only 14 to I wonderd if theres owt to take colour duy out or anythnig to take the yelloish gingeriy out of my hair as I have to go back to school in a week ??? :(

Answer #9

First, she shouldn’t have lifted the roots. You will need to do a second round of bleach on the orange part. Wehn you bleach hair, it goes through stages. First it will turn reddish orange then road hazard orange(the longest stange). After a while you will see it turn to yellow. Once it is in this stage for a while and is a light brightish yellow you can tone it. But while it is burnt you can’t do anything at all to it. you need to wait for it to heal and then you can try rebleaching the orange part and then toning it. Good Luck!

p.s. always get it professionally bleached, not even like a beauty school where the instructors monitor it, I mean professional. it’s worth the money, trust me.

Answer #10

im in the same situation right this second! I’m a natural blonde and I dyed my hair redish for a few months. Deciding that I want to go back to my natural hair color.. instead of going to a salon.. I went to the local beauty supply and asked for their help. I used a color stripper, then used this bleaching combination. I currently look like a sunchild. My front bangs are platinum blonde, and the rest is spotted orange and pink!!! runs away and cries

Answer #11

same happened to me just tonight… I cried haha. white roots, orange where my lighter dye was at the top and dark awburn at the ends. its messed up man! I was gonna go get blonde or something and go over it but err im afraid and I cant afford salons and all, they’ll just give ou te me like for this in the first place haha . good luck …

Answer #12

I’m a hairstylist, I can help!

Yowza! That’s an hour and a half of some of the harshest hair chemicals to put on your scalp in one day! You are lucky you did not suffer permanent scarring to your scalp and subsequent permanent hair loss. You needed a stylist in a salon to do this for you. Coloring your hair brown and then throwing bleach on it lifts the brown in uneven patches and turns your roots white or yellow or bright orange yellow. When lightening/bleaching, you leave the bleach off the scalp until the last 10-20 minutes of the process. You had it on your scalp for an hour and a half. Let me repeat. You are LUCKY!

Since I can’t see your hair and your scalp is damaged, I can’t advise you what to do at home without risking serious damage to your scalp or hair. Other than shaving all your hair off, I recommend going to a professional ONLY at this point. You can cause scarring on your scalp and lose hair permanently. This is what happened to Tina Turner in the 60’s, this is why the woman, to this day, wears wigs. She burned her scalp so badly that it’s mostly all scar tissue. And hair doesn’t grow through scar tissue.

No stylist will color your hair while your scalp is damaged. Wait until it heals. If you were my client (remember though, I haven’t seen your hair, so this is basically a guess based on what you told me), I’d color it to brown again, wait a week, then re-bleach it properly to get as even a lift as possible. Then I’d deposit a blonde or light brown with the proper base color (something only a colorist would know) to balance it out and to give you an even color.

That’s my advice. There is no safe quick fix here.

If you ever want to lighten your artificially dark colored hair, always always always go to a stylist–preferably a color specialist. Good luck.

Answer #13

I am SO GLAD I read this. My 14 year old daughter has dark brown hair and wanted me to put Ultra Light Natural Blonde on the underneath or her hair. I told her I WAS NOT going to do it until I researched it first. Thank You for saving my daughter from having orange hair underneath!!!

Answer #14

I am SO GLAD I read this. My 14 year old daughter has dark brown hair and wanted me to put Ultra Light Natural Blonde on the underneath or her hair. I told her I WAS NOT going to do it until I researched it first. Thank You for saving my daughter from having orange hair underneath!!!

Answer #15

You shouldn’t do anything with your hair, You should have to go Salon.

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