Is it bad 2 have a 3some with you're boyfriend and his brother?

especially wen they are almost 3 years older than you?

Answer #1

but their sooo sexy and idk if i can help myself cuz like… they be goin mad hard. all i want is a little fun

Answer #2

mad had?

Answer #3

what do you mean mad hard?

Answer #4

itz hard to explain. like… wen they wanna do sumfin then their determined. they’re committed to me

Answer #5

werd hard ?!!?

Answer #6


Answer #7


Answer #8

Plus, at 13, you shouldn’t having sex at all.

Answer #9

Your BF and HIS brother? I thought you said YOUR brother…I think it is ok as long as your BF is ok with it…you are pretty young for that kind of stuff though…

Answer #10

so your 13 nd wana have a 3 some with 2 guys who are related lil weird. well this may b shocking to hear, but if you want to have sex with brothers at the same time, go ahead no1 is stopping you. but they is just my opinion i think people should do what they want to do, without outside influences. now im not for this but im for ppl doing what they want to do.

Answer #11

Its your choice. If you want to and they agree go for it. I came close to it once but we decided not to. Just remember it’s ur choice and nobody is stopping u from it. And people there us nothin wrong with dating somebody three years older than u!!! My bf is 4 years older than me. If they treat u right and you love eachother than it don’t matter how many years apart u are. Okay. Byeee =D

Answer #12

I think it’s ok, but as long as ur bf is ok with it. Just ask your bf if he would want to do it and then for him to tell his brother.

Answer #13

to even contemplate having sex to with 2 underage males that are brothers is just sickly wrong. if i asked my brother to do this he’d ask me if i was stoned.

Answer #14

Don’t do this. The brothers will tell all of their friends and you will have a reputation forever as a slut. You will get a lot of sex in high school because every boy will know that when you were only 13, you did a threesome with two brothers, but none of the boys who take you out will want to be a real boyfriend and no boy will want to be seen with you, because it would be considered slumming and they would be thought of as desperate. Furthermore, when word leaks out (which it will) these boys could end up being charged with serious crimes. Is that what you want? Buy yourself a vibrator and think about your reputation!

Answer #15

uhmm its not really bad , its kinda just really gross and discusting, wouldnt you rather just bang one of them then boh of the bro’s

Answer #16

He took the words right out of my mouth! Think first!

Answer #17

Ur disgusting , yuh r gonna be known as the slut in school…good job gurl…blahh

Answer #18

ewwwwwwwwwww u discuss me!!!!!!!! puck eww more puke..ur FREAKN 13 and there 3 yrs older then thats not fun thats sick.. brothers with u ewwwwwww. o.m.g 13 yr olds!! dude get a life. u will be known as the skanky whe, slu!, u think there committed to u hahahaha thats what all guys say. once they c a hotter chick kiss there a good bye. ur age are suppose to be playing SPIN THE BOTTLE not 2 d!cks in ur $%*…are u even protected? 13!? what come on?? the world is coming to an end

Answer #19

How do you get a nerve to look at your boyfriend after that whole thing? lol

Answer #20

Its up to YOU, because it is YOU who will deal with the consequences!

Answer #21

That was a little too harsh. People like you that jump to conclusions might think someone (like you) might also be a slut, for trying to pick up on their professor instead of doing their schoolwork. Maybe she’s trying to spice up their sex life.. whatever the reason, she didn’t ask if she was a slut or not, she was asking for opinions about threesomes..

Answer #22

You are making a mistake here. You are still young, why rush? Be yourself, hang with friends, go to the movies, go ice skating, take funny photos, bake a cake, learn a sport, play the guitar, go shopping… there are SO MANY other fun things you can do!

Answer #23

Good: You’ll probably have fun, and it could make your relationship with your boyfriend stronger (it seems to happen with some people) Bad:Or, It could put a strain on your relationship with your boyfriend and be extremely awkward for you around his brother. Like they’ve already said, you could be the gossip in the locker room.. It really depends on what you think and how you feel.. My opinion, I think threesomes can be good for older, more mature couples that have been together long enough to have 100% trust with each other. A couple that respects each other.. You’re so young, you have a lot of time to experiment… I don’t think 13 is the time for threesomes..

Answer #24

You think it’s okay to be having threesomes at 13 years old?

Answer #25


Answer #26

When you’re 13, the hardest thing in your life should be your homework… It’s unsafe to get yourself involved in things like this. I’m sure you can wait a little while longer. You can’t even comprehend how much you may regret doing something like this in the future, so I would strongly recommend that you just play it safe.

Answer #27

Fake and gay question. Oh… the answer is yes. yes it is wrong.

Answer #28

I just find that completely gross and akward. I would never do that. But the age diffrence shouldnt matter. I was always with older guys :P

Answer #29

Oh, snap.

Answer #30

I really don’t like to be rude but i find a 3some slutty. its sorta like cheating. how would it be ok with you to be goin w/ 2 guys and be fine after and act like nothing happened?

Answer #31

Different STROKES for different folks. But things will never be the same for once what was sacred it put on TIME SQUARE.

Answer #32

Wow,today’s children,though I am young too but still I have some brain,not that people don’t do …but damn it when you are 13? Hell no!!’

Answer #33

i know can u imagine kids now a days?

Answer #34

lol why dont you fantasize about ‘em then! it’ll probably be better anyway I doubt theyre very experienced.

Answer #35

thinking the same thing..and look at her username–sexadicted (spelt wrong btw, lol)

Answer #36

Ur a slut girl!!! SxE

Answer #37

Earn some self respect, and morals first. This will not only ruin your reputation, innocence, and relationship. Think with your BRAIN. Not your genitals. Common sense should tell you that this isn’t a smart idea. You should know better. You’ll look back on this in 3 years and think this is stupid. Guaranteed.

Answer #38

Go ahead, If you feel its fun n safe absolutely no probs … All these people crying foul out there are lil worried about themselves doing it … you go ahead and enjoy . and tel me, how was it.

Answer #39

I noticed that. Bahaha

Answer #40

“and tell me how it was.” PERV ALERT! BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. PERV ALERT!

Answer #41

Umm, mister “tell me how it was”…she is only 13. Are you serious!?

Answer #42

What in gods name is wrong with you people! These kinds of questions are just to ridiculas to answer

Answer #43

shes 13!? WTF

Answer #44

YUCK!!!! r u serious? i knew a girl who had sex when she was 12 and all through her 8th grade year she was the gossip. She was stuck up at times and thought she was the sh!t, because she lost her virginity. But now that im in H.S., everything is different. Things spread lik the game ‘’telephone’’ and everyone will find out. That’s sluttish. Two fu*kin brothers? and yre 13? slut with a capital ‘’S’’!!!!

Answer #45

THATS SICK AND EFFING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #46

he needs to be reported hes 47!!! PERV

Answer #47

Okay, sexadicted, listen to me. i know u have urges, trust me i have them to, but doing this will ruin your life. there are many complications to having sex, such as stds, pregnancy, and mental health issues. plz dont do this. you will regret it all ur life, and i dont think any girl deserves to be looked at as a slut. us girls need to have self respect and need to be focusing on better and brighter things!

Answer #48


Answer #49

they’re committed to you……Yea……..for S.E.X!!!!

Answer #50

ur 13? nd his brothers are mentally challenged if they wanna have sex together

Answer #51

this is super wrong DNT DO IT.!!!!

Answer #52


Answer #53

How can you even say that,when she is only 13.gross.

Answer #54

WOW, how is this STILL going on after 6 DAYS!!!!

Answer #55

Thanks for agreeing guys!

Answer #56

ur a effin PERV GET THE H#LL OUT OF HERE U SICK @$$!!!!!!!!

Answer #57

yes, especially at your age. if your addicted to sex you need to get help for it, it sounds like there going to take advantage of you, which will in the future becase of your slutty reputation means more guys will take advantage of you. at 13 you dont know much about the important consequences involved with sex. and you shouldnt want to get a reputation as a slut at your age

Answer #58

i agree with the 1 answer

Answer #59

how do u do a three some with a two some?

Answer #60

How do u do a three some witha two some?

Answer #61

I bet he’s one of the brothers!!!!!!!!!! Perver!!!! Better yet MOLESTER!!!!!!

Answer #62


Answer #63

How did u get him I am in love with a guy 1 year older? Advice plz!

Answer #64

…not as bad as having a threesome with your brother and his boyfriend.

Answer #65

yeah, not with brothers. find a good group of guy friends, brothers are blood, and nothings gonna tear them apart, so you might wanna just look for some close friends!

Answer #66

Well sorry, I didn’t look at her age, now I chane my answer, No you shouldn’t do this, it’s not right, especially because of your age

Answer #67

I think all r sick about sex here,,, Its a divine concept and only through sex you reach super conscious , only thing is that it should be understood properly and has to be mutual,, Its no way connected to morality or age,, If you can really enjoy sex then can say yes it was good,,, Some of them are playing moral police here… very sad,,,

Answer #68

ummm yea extremly bad.. its bad to have a 3some at all..

Answer #69

ok…your 13. the most you should be doing with a guy is going down on eachother….sex is something you have to think about. as for a threesome with brothers only bad can come out of that so dont do it. if you do have sex with ONE of them use protection.

Answer #70

I think that you should be more worried about why your boyfriend and his brother want to be in the same room together simultaneously engaged in a sexual situation. Seriously.

Answer #71

why does a 13 yr old need to be having sex in the first that even a legal age?? i thought u had to be like 18?

Answer #72

My boyfriend is almost 3 years older than me and Im only 13 too! We talk about losing our v-cards to eachother all the time! And Honestly If you want to then go for it! I’m the apparent school slut but I could care less! All your true friends will stick with you and thats all the matters!

Answer #73

My boyfriend is almost 3 years older than me and Im only 13 too! We talk about losing our v-cards to eachother all the time! And Honestly If you want to then go for it! I’m the apparent school slut but I could care less! All your true friends will stick with you and thats all the matters!

Answer #74

im sorry but its different with a three way. shes thirteen…if she does stuff she should be using protection but she really should do a three way.if that were to get out to other kids at school her rep would be completely ruined and unsalvageable…especially because their brothers. and yes all your true friends will stick with you for loosing your vcard but it would be much different with a three way…i would know…my sisters best friend was the town bicycle (the town slut pretty much) and guys only dated her to get in her pants. she ended up attempting sui.cide but it didnt work, thank god. but these things can really do damage that at thirteen you dont really understand.

Answer #75

**should not

Answer #76

a threesome is where there are three people…a twosome would be considered normal sex :P

Answer #77

dont let others morals impact your decision

if you want to, go for it, if not, dont.

Answer #78

hmm his brother is a bit much tbh, what guy would want to get his tackle out in front of his brother and let him share his gf..his mate yeah but brother, i find that a bit much.. btw your not a slut for wanting to do this, its all about having fun, but serioulsy find some other guy not the brother

Answer #79

You’re 13! You shouldn’t really be having sex nevermind threesomes with brothers.

But hell if you want it, do it, become the legendary slut who had those two brothers when you’re 13. You’ll learn.

Answer #80

yes! dont do it, you’ll regret it!

Answer #81

I don’t think that they are going to talk about you the way some others have said. They would if it was two best friends or something. But the point people will get from any story that starts out with “My brother and I both banged this chick at the same time” will be the phrase “My brother and I.” People will be more freaked out about the brothers having sex at the same time than they will about you. That’s why I don’t think they’d talk.

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