Baby colic

I am not sure what the signs are for baby colic… My baby is 3 weeks old and she has some problems sleeping at certian times of the day. And night… Like bed time she has been fighting me on it for the past few days. Also today she was awake all day and now she is sleeping and she needs to wake up here and there so she will sleep when I want her to but she only wakes up when she wants to … Sooo and also when she dont sleep for a few hours she will start crying and and wimmpering … What should I do …

Answer #2

She sounds gassy. Your probley over feeding her. Most babies dont know the difference between the hunger pains and the gas pains, so they will eat, even when it’s gas pains and that just makes it worse. Do you have any baby gas drops. Mylicon? That’s what I use for Noah. You can either give them a drop directly in their mouthes or put a drop in an ounce of water. It will help with their gas and their gas pains. You should also talk to your doctor about chaning the formula? What kind is she on. For some reason most doctors start baby’s on Enfimil with iron, and most babies can’t take it and have to be switched.

Answer #3

I could be the bottle or the formula (Nestle Good Start is a good one to use for baby stomachs that need the “gentle” touch). Try not to feed her in between her bigger bottles. She really doesn’t know the difference between gas pains and hunger pains so even if she has gas she will want to eat and then she’ll be making herself feel worse by having her belly really full. Try to only give her the bottle when she wakes up and then before she goes back to sleep with none in between (unless it’s more than 4 hours). She should be taking a bottle with about 4 ounces every 3-4 hours. Try not to give her more than this.

My niece had a lot of sleeping problems after she would have a bottle. She would get very cranky and burp a lot. She also would not sleep very good. My brother took her to the doctor and they found out she had acid reflux. She wasn’t diagnosed with this until she was 4 months (and it started when she came home from the hospital).

Answer #4

colethky Haha, god I hope so. Cause if she means cat nip like the treats you give cat’s I’m going to bust a seam laughing so hard.

Have you tried rocking her in a rocking chair? Laying her on her stomach (I know it’s a no-no but a lot of newborn will only sleep on their stomach’s, they just need to be suprivised)? Are you feeding her regularay? Have you tried putting her in a baby swing? (they work wonders for some mom’s)?

She’s only 3 weeks old. You said at one point that she “needs” to wake up so she will sleep. Newborns often make their own sleep scedules at first, even if it doesn’t agree with yours. You’ll learn to nap during the day when she does. They usually dont get into a regular sleep pattern until a little bit later on. Dont worry though. Relief will come just hang in there. She may be colichy, then again she may just be a litle fussy.

My son was like that at first. Now he’s the happiest baby ever. He smiles and talks all day! He’s 3 months old and sleeps from 9pm to 6am. So dont worry love, it will be ok!

Answer #5

Normally when a baby has colic they cry uncontrollably for at least an hour. Nothing you do will calm them down. It kind of sounds to me like your baby is a normal newborn who has no idea what she is supposed to do. My daughter also had a problem with waking up when I wanted her to so I would strip her down and give her a lukewarm to cool bath, this normally woke her right up. Once you get her to bed at night don’t wake her, if she’s hungry she’ll wake up on her own. My daughter slept through the night at two weeks old, this was only because I kept her awake from 6 until 9. The best thing you can do is to stay calm because the more stressed you get the more stressed she will be. Don’t worry, if she does have colic (which normally appears around 2-3 weeks) it won’t stay for long…it’s normally gone by 6 weeks. Colic babies also normally have their “problem” when it is a high stress time in your house, like dinner time. Just do your best to soothe her, try a warm bath with lavender soap (Johnson’s makes a good one), lay her belly down on your arm with her head in your hand and rub her back, lay her belly down over your knees and rub her back or try rocking her. You can also try a baby swing (they really like to sleep in them).

Good luck and congratulations on your newborn daughter.

Answer #6

my baby cried from been 3 weeks old to 6 month, from 9:30am til 5pm EVERY DAY nothing at all worked for me until I changed his milk! try cow & gate comfort its more expensive but I SWEAR BY IT. IT WORKED!!! good luck congratulations

Answer #7

get a new bottle seriously…some bottles have vents that help prevent gas and other things that cause colic…good luck!

Answer #8

I have tried rocking her… I have tried her bouncer chair with the vibratation on… I have noticed when she gets this way she normally eats a lot… like a bottle when she wakes up then like she will have a few onces of milk here and there and then also a nother bottle before she goes back to sleep… I thought she might be gassy as well but she dont seem to have a hrd stomach and she burps a lot and she farts ever more !!!

Answer #9

And what on earth does that mean? Cat nip? Does she mean cat nap?

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