I think my baby has colic!

Someone please help me! I have a 3 month old son who was recently treated for an ear ache. I thought that was the cause of his crying. But, here recently he doesn’t want me to put him down, he crys for hours at a time. I just cant seem to calm him down when he starts. He wont let me put him in the swing, bouncy seat, or anything. Sometimes he doesn’t even want me to hold him. It is driving me nutts! I have taken him to the doctor and they told me that it was normal. I have 1 other child and never did she once act like this. It is not normal. I am about fed up with all the bull that they are feeding me. Sometimes I just get to where I want to walk out on him and leave for awhile. It gets that bad I am just about to break. I think it is sooo bad that I need to take myself and get help. If someone could please help me I would keep you in my prayer every night and day. Thank you!

Answer #1

You will get through this, and so will he. Have you tried giving him some Mylecon for gas? (I’m sure you’ve tried everything :) ) I know it must be hard. Colethky gave some great advice, but in addition, if you need to vent, feel free to funmail me.

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My oldest son had colic. this lasted from when he was 1 week up till about 6 weeks. Every night from about 4 till 8, he would cry and cry and cry. I finally figured out that the more stressed out I got, the more stressed out he got. A lot of babies that get colic have it around the evening meal time because that’s when their families stress level is high. The best thing for you to do would be to get someone you trust to watch him for a little while and you get away, take a walk with your daughter or go somewhere by yourself, even a half hour would help. If there is no one to watch him then lay him in his bed and go into a different room and calm down, DO NOT go back to him till you are calmed down. He will be fine. Just rememeber that this is not something that he’s trying and it will get better. Good luck

Answer #3

Ok, for starters, you know you can’t just leave him. He’s crying because he’s just as confused as you are. He doesn’t understand whatever it is he’s feeling.

See if there’s anyone you can trust to watch him while you go out by yourself for an hour or so. That way you can clear your head.

If you were just at the doctor, and they said it was only his ear, that just maybe whats still bothering him…

Is he teething? It may sound silly, being that he’s only 3 months, but that’s when my daughter started teething and it caused ear aches, fevers, runny noses, sneezing…every could symptom you can think of! Try giving him a cool washcloth to chew on. Or rub his gums with it.

And I understand your daughter never acted the way he is, but she was a completely different baby, even though they are siblings, they will never act the exact same way as each other.

I hope some of what I said helped. Fun Mail me if you have any questions or just need to talk. Have patience and good luck. I’ll pray that whatever is bothering him is relieved! :)

Answer #4


I’m new to this game of posting things on the computer but thought you might be able to help me out Hannah257271. My baby boy is 12 weeks and for the last 8 weeks has been a total nightmare! He was diagnosed with reflux at 4 weeks and put on losec which seemed to stop the burning from the acid. However he then seemed to go completely hyper with his legs and arms pumping all day and a complete inability to sleep. I figured out he has dreadful gas and poo pains (he only poos once every 3 -4 days) and the constant movement is an effort to distract him from the pain. Had him tested for cow’s milk allergy which cameup as a ‘strong positive’ and we think it’s the lactose in the cow’s milk as he didn’t have typical allergy symptoms like eczema for it to be the milk proteins. Also found out that losec is lactose bound. He has now been on neocate for 4 weeks and off losec for 2, but he still is full of wind and poos, can’t sleep in the day for the pain and gets totally beside himself with tiredness because he can’t sleep. We end up pushing him in his pram for about 5 hours every day as this is the only way we can get him to sleep and stay calm. I know he isn’t just doing it out of bad habit because he is just weeping and miserable with the exhaustion. Any ideas why he is still like this now that the lactose has been removed?

Answer #5

Bit of a late reply but helpful for anyone who finds this site. my baby has colic. he is now 13 weeks old and this hasn’t changed. it is a load of crap that they don’t know what causes it. Colic is caused by a deficiency of a lactose enzyme called lactase. This lactose is in mum’s breast milk as well as formula. I breast fed and the colic ended up all day. I did my own research and tried him on a lactose free formula - still dairy though not soya. This worked but I still wanted to breastfeed so I found colief which is the lactase enzyme. they say you can give to baby in some expressed milk then feed as normal if you are breastfeeding but I found this didn’t worked and still to this day (Ollie is 13 weeks old) I have to express my milk and treat it. I also found that me eating milk products like cheese, yog whether cows or goats it appears to give him colic just as if he himself had the lactose. it must be that there is a higher level of sugar in the breastmilk that is the only conclusion I have. I have recently tried to cut down on the drops but the colic has returned.

Anyone has any questions I’ll check this again soon.

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