Should there be an age on having a baby?

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well I guess some age limits should stand like below18 is just kinda crazy.
im not trying to be rude in any way. I just think that you need to be more mature and old enough to take care of a child. it is very hard. I have an 11 month old and I am only 20. I know I am young too. and I love her to death but I do wish I was older and more able to handle all the stress and difficulties of motherhood.

im not saying other 17, 18 year olds cant do it im just saying its a lot harder when your not ready for it. make sure you are in love and that both of you are prepared to handle such a huge responsibility. every second of every single day changes so dramatically. it is a big adjustment.

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nope, as long as you can provide for it then I dont see why age should matter :D

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as soon as you are able to provide and education, money and a stable home environment for yourself and your baby.

(preferable in terms of age I would say late 20's or early 30's). the later the better in my opinion.

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to be honest you should be married before even having sexual intercourse. but honestly... The most important thing is being stable, having money, good working job, everything your child needs and more and have things planned. so to me yes it should be at least after school.

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YES and NO,
yes because the second our hormones are ready and the males, and females, want sex that's when nature wants us to have kids.

NO because of our being forced to live in this world by going to school, paying taxes, and serving other people, I would say it would be tuff to have a kid before 30yrs old unless your a dumb-ace that wants a poor life for your kid, or your rich and can get them what ever they need.

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Well what do you mean?
Like after high school? Or after marriage?

The time is right when you are mature enough to handle it. So after high school AND possibly college depending on your funds. But if you don't have enough funds for college then the time is probably not right to have a baby.

You want to have the best education possible in order to get the job/career that suits you and pays enough.

A lot of people would suggest once you're in a happy, strong relationship with the love and support from your family is good.

But most people prefer to start in their twenties when they have each of the qualities that I stated.

And in my opinion, that would be the best time, too.
Also once you achieve the proper living arrangements in a healthy environment then you should be set.

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To add something interesting. In my country people have babies when they are THIRTY and OVER. Some (like my mum) even do so after they turn FORTY

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To make a short version of the one above me,yes there should be,you should be at least 16 years old or older and be financially stable,end of story.

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