Average weight for 14 year old girls

What is the average weight for a 14 yr old girl???

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I am14 years old, 5 ft, and I weigh 95. I don't know if thts underwight or average

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im 14 and im 5,3 and weigh 95 it really depends on your height.

What is the average weight of a 14 year old girl?
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base it off that ^

How much should a 14 year old girl weight?
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well I am 5ft 5 inches and I way 105 I don't think im skinny at all tho..I have curves and a stomach so idkk.

The average weight for 13 year old girls?
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im 5'9 an 100 people call me anorexic but I eat like a pig :P

Is 116 a good weight for a 14 year old girl in highschool
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I'm a 6'1'' 14 year old female who weighs 167.4lbs. In my opinion it does have a lot to do with your height but if you think about it your boobs can have a lot to deal with it as well. For example 167 is a lil much but I wear a DoubleD I way a lot but im not fat at all...but thats my opinion and if your happy with the way you look you should be fine. Were still growing and you are going to get bigger.I wear a size 13 and again im not fat.just tall.

average weight for a 15 year old girl?
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I'm 5"7 and 180 pounds.
I am above the weight limit
but it has nothing to
do with that.
As long as I am healthy
I really didnt care
about my weight untile now.
It also runs
in my family so thats
another excuse as to
why I am this way.
I am young but I am
very curvy and a
little like
Jennifer Hutsons
size but younger.

Average weight for 13 year old girls
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I'm 13 5ft4 and I'm 8st9 I really need to loose some weight because it all goes straight to my belly. anyone have a easy way to loose weight as I've tried exercising and dieting(sometimes) but it dosen't go!?!?!?!

thanks x

Average weight 14
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its all about height im like 5ft4 and a half and im 130 pounds which is an average weight for my height ignore the idiot posting av teen weights because it is wrong

average weight for a 14 year old??
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Average Teenager Weight


average height for 15 year old girls?
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it depends on your height, not your age.
I'm 5'5" and I weigh 108, which is considered too light.
so you can probably guess from there.

General weight for a 14 year old in stones. Not pounds or K/Kg
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hi im 4 ft 11 and I weigh 200 pounds... I would consider I am a little under weight for my hight

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Im 14 and I weigh 100 pounds which is 7.2 stone and Im 5"4 I dont mind my weight and you shouldnt worry about yours either someone could be the same weight and height as me and look totally different people put or lose weight on different places of they're body. A weight is just a number be comfortable with yourself.

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im 14 and I am 46.5 its probly around 30-70

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im 5"3 and about 100 or less and I like my weight. and yea it depends on your height

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I am 14 years old an I am 5ft 5'' and 7 stone 7

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I'm five three. and I weigh 116 pounds.

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probably like 110-120

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I am 5 foot 3 inches and I weigh 120 pounds. My doctor says that's perfectly average. My friend is 5 foot 3 inches and she weighs 115 and her doctor says that is perfectly average. My other friend, who is five foot six inches, weighs about 127-130 pounds. We are all fourteen. So based on height, you can base your average weight on those. For those surprisingly skinny people, who are naturally sticks, my friend is fourteen and weighs 97 pounds. She is a teensy bit underweight, but she is naturally skinny.

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what is the normal weight for a 13 year old that is about 5 foot because I only weigh about 5 stone and I am way too underweight but I eat loads so what dose anyone suggest??

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I am also 14 and 5'3, and I weigh 84 lbs. I was a very small baby, when I was born I weighed 1 lb 8 oz and was 12 in long. I won't get any taller, because I had scoliosis and had surgery on my back 2 years ago.

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