Average monthly cost of living?

I’m turning 22 and my parents treat me like dirt. I just graduated from college, and I am living with them. I am kind of dependant. Once my room was unorganized a little bit and they locked me out of the room, giving me a pillow and a blanket to sleep outside, I am 22 for crying out loud. I want to leave. My girlfriend is 12 weeks pregnant, and I want to live with her and our baby. I want to live comfortably in my own home (which I never had before) and have enough money to pay for everything. I don’t want to leave, then go crawling back so I want to make sure I have enough money to afford at least a four bedroom home, because we want to have more, and want to get settled down already and not move so quickly. I want to wacth digital cable and have all that entertainment and pay for everything and probally have some left over money. I am making $40,000 a year. Could someone give me a list of the average cost of living, because I want to live with my girl comfortable, and not crawl back to my parents, leaving my girlfriend a single mother

Answer #1

you shouldn’t leave her, even if you are struggling to get by, you stand by her side, that’s what true men do

Answer #2

What I have learned … by all means do not live above your means NO CREDIT CARDS!!! I make 10,000 to 12,000 a year in colorado I rent a 3 bedroom house rent varies by size neighbor hood ect… the electric bill averages about $150 a month average … higher in winter lower in summer .. diapers for the baby a cool $100 a month .. grocries for your family $400.00 to $500.00 depending on how ell you want to eat .. cable / satalite / internet / phone bundle them for about $150.00 day care so mom can go back to work at least $400.00 a month . you make enough to live comfortably pretty much anywhere but NYC or a city in Cali.

Answer #3

The average monthly cost of living depends on where you live and how you live. In other words a group of people in California wold have a different average than a group of poeple from St. Louis or New York.

Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey, http://www.daveramsey.com/? He helps people get out of debt, save money and figure out what they need and the steps they need to follow to fulfill and achieve their goals.

Hope This is Helpful :}

Answer #4

$40,000 seems like enough to live on, and at 22 no less! I am 59, have a master’s degree, and make less than that. Enough about me. To answer your question: Do the math. You probably won’t have everything you want, but you could get everything you need. Be joyful for small miracles. A baby–how wonderful! Be good to yourself, your girlfriend, and your child; this is most important. And be good to your parents too, with all there flaws (for we all have flaws); be grateful that they’ve allowed you to live with them. Don’t worry about the trivial in life–get your priorities in order. Ask yourself: What’s really important? Good luck!

Answer #5

Whooa you make 40K, live at home and have a prego. girlfriend? Get out already if you want to move!move! what are you waiting on, to be put out on the street again. Doesnt she have a jobe too, Im sure you can make it. and yes it does depend on your location a lot. you dont want to move too fast but you want a 4brm house and everything that makes you life comfortable, how about you try out an apartment first so you wont have to go”crawling back” build up some credit and savings and then try buying a house. Because I just tried to help torikeene and let me tell you in HOuston I CANNOT make it nowhere on 20K, We have a 3bdrm and make around 50K and thats just paying everything we owe, and food and gas and your going to have a baby— you got to think of things you wont even think of until after the baby is here slow down, and think about it, get with her and make a plan. Im sure it will come together.

Answer #6

The average cost of living depends on A LOT of things.

First, where you live can make a huge difference on how much you would be paying on a lease for a house each month. Next, is how much you are willing to spend on entertainment, fun, ect. each month.

The baby that is coming will bring a lot more expenses, for diapers, formula (if your girlfriend doesn’t want to breastfeed, which is better for the baby and her, but is her choice) baby clothes (babies grow tons in the first few years of their lives), ect.

Whether or not you and your family will eat out a lot or cook your own food.

The cost of utilities, e.g. gas, electricity, water, garbage.

Misc. other expenses: cosmetics (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste), paper products (toilet paper, paper towels) Life, car, and health insurance premiums (health insurance is a good idea simply because if your child or girlfriend gets sick and are not covered by your work, you will have to pay much less than if you did not have any).

I am not trying to dissuade you from moving out, I simply want you to be as informed as possible.

Congrats on your new family.

Answer #7

Sounds to me like you should worry about caring for you child and it’s mother and find an affordable plae to live and get your feet under you. If you are having a child I don’t see why digital cable and all of this fun stuff is such an issue. Sounds to me like you should get your priorities in line and worry about things that need to be done such as planning and finding an affordable place to live rather than worrying about how much money you are going to have to blow on digital cable and “all that entertainment” because raising a child, good sir you won’t be having much time for any of these. Good luck and best wishes

Answer #8

Depends on where you live and what the cost of living is in your area.

There is no reason that you have to start out with a huge home and a huge debt. You could get a smaller place with an affordable payment and do quit well. As your income increases you can sell and move on up the ladder. You have to crawl before you can walk.

Good luck to you and your future family!

Answer #9

I make under 20k per year and though it’s tough it is doable (of course, I live in Maine so if your not in a small town environment I could be giving you a bad answer) We rent a house and have very little left over for fun, but at least there is a roof over the kids heads.

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