Are auras real?

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That's a hard question to answer. It's like asking if a soul is real. Some believe in souls others do not. It's real to those that believe it, and not to those that don't.

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It's difficult to define much less say who has one, but you do find on those rare occasions when certain individuals have a unique way of changing a scene or a moment. It's those people who you notice always have others gravitate towards them because there is something about them that makes you want to know them or in the opposite manner, is when you want to avoid someone for the same reason.Think of it when you at times get that vibe about a person, like maybe this person is bad news even if you never have met them, but there is something dark about them and all of your senses are telling you to back away. I guess this could be seen as an aura.

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All living things emit some sort of electromagnetic energy. I believe this supports proof of an aura. There is alot of scientific evidence that supports that they in fact do exist. Look it up it's fun to read about.

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I say yes. It doesn't mean we're supposed to read them and stuff, but they do exist.


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There has never been CREDABLE evidence that auras exist. Lots of personal testimonials, but that is NOT evidence. And I'm sorry but although getting a feeling about someone is both interesting and possibly indicative of something, it is also not scientific evidence.
Whoever could prove the existence of auras (beyond the general weak electrical field generated by living things) would be demonstrating a huge area of interest that science would love to investigate.
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It's a matter of belief.
I believe everything is connected, every person, animal, object. Every emotion, every personality. I believe you can read these as you are connected to it.

People may say it's illogical and incorrect but I believe it :)

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