Artistic ideas to fill up an art book.

Artistic ideas to fill up an art book.? Any body? Well you see I have this A4 art book,and I have to fill four of them to get an A* and weve only just started with them so im on my first one, but I need to start fillling up quickly now, if anyone has ANY artistic ideas, big or small please tell me because I seem to be braindead with art at the moment! :)

Answer #1

Maybe a flower, a cabin, landscape with hills, and maybe a sunset, or do a rainbow, or a smiling sun, hearts or maybe a shooting star, an eye with tears running from it, draw the perfect house with a fireplace or with a white picked fence, a flower garden, or I dunno… just trying to help !! !!

Answer #2

You could do sketch or a mixture of media do show your favourite celebs. It’s something I’ve done. Not as a project but just for pictures to stick on my wall xD

good luck

Answer #3

look up some ideas online under “art journal,” should come up with some good ideas, but other wise, maybe go through a couple of magazines, cut out stuff that inspires you, paste it in the journal and manipulate it so that it is your own creation, like a collage. pretty easy, but make sure to give it purpose. i also like to practice my direct observation skills by doing line, countor, and value drawings of random objects and people over and over again until my hand memorizes the object and mind understands it on a 2d plane. often ill do these drawings in the color that the object makes me feel or the color i feel to get more into it. i usually use colored pencil which is pretty cheap for sketch booking (unless prismacolor :)) and only do one object per two pages (opened book). then, after you do these drawings you can come back to them, add text, add more color, maybe washes or collage a bit. just respond to it i guess. these are some of my sketch book photos. hope this helps! just pleas dont steal :(

Answer #4

here’s another one of my sketch book photos. different than what i was saying in the first response, but another idea. sorry the images are mirrored though! oh! another fun idea, do random lines and just make crap out of it. also, manipulate text in rhythmic ways, maybe have text be your line?

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