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Is it just me or does anyone else think that art at school is a waste of time as it doesnt teach you anything apart from how to draw, and what will that do to help you in life

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Arky, I disagree with you on some of that. Though I think that Phys Ed sucks in general the class should show a young kid how to keep his body in shape and stay healthy. Generally I have seen one semester of phys ed paired with a semester of health class. These should really be taught together in tandem, like one day in the gym learning exercise and one day learning what the exercise does and how your body responds. 90% of gym classes are more like here go play games for 40 min, which is complete crap, where is the education in that? I digress from the topic at hand though.

I feel that learning some art basics is a good idea. I am horrible at them, but understanding how drawings are done at some level helps me I am sure. I work in engineering so I can't imagine what level that is:s.

While this may not hold true for everyone, artful expression helps a lot of people. Mostly it gets their mind out of thinking one way all of the time. Being able to think differently, or from a different perspective is useful. Hence the old line "think outside of the box". Art is usually thinking outside of the box. At some point I don't think it is as needed anymore, though I think at least up to Junior High it should be required for a semester somewhere.

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Art is about self expression, once you experiment with different kinds such as sculpture, painting, drawing, etc. you'll really appreciate it. Art in school just offers a world of creativity and imagination. You'll enjoy it more when you open your mind.

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My art class is really fun! We get to do fun things, sit by our friends, talk as much and as lous as we like, and get to listen to the radio. Next year we get to paint a mural on the wall. Too bad the art teacher retired this year. I love the class. It helps me relax for a period. I stop worrying about the next class I have.

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Art gets the left side of your brain to work... and it is a good class. easy to pass and it can be fun. like my teacher lets us come up with our own project once a week and I chose to break a mirror... and paint "blood" all over it. it is very relaxing...

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Don't tell my daughter that - she's an art major.

Art is like phys ed - it's useful if you plan to pursue a career in that field, but by teaching it in school, they are giving you a head start on making that's easier to pursue something you have a little experience in, then starting from nothing.

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most classes dont teach you anything you need to know
but just think instead of drawing you could be doin essays and math, which is much harder
art is a class where you can relax

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I don't know. I dont like my art teacher at all. shes so mean!! good thing I just graduated!! hahaha!! dont have to deal with her anymore!! moving on to middle school.

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