Around america for cheap

Ok so I want to travel around the u.s. But I dont have a lot of money. (I may have around 600 when I leave) I’m 20 years old and I’ve spent most of that in the same 10 mile by 10 mile prison known as the san francisco peninsula. I want to get out, around california and maybe even some of the surrounding states. I want to know:

Whats a good cheap, relatively safe way to travel?

Where are good places to stay the night (dont mind spending some nights on the streets or camping and such)

Any places you guys recommend I try to reach?

Answer #1

If you have a buddy who can go with you I’d say if you can’t hook up with anything listed above, the bus is your best route. You can always rent a room and stay somewhere for a few weeks. I did this a lot. Go to day labor places for work and stay as long as you want to look around.

Answer #2

I won’t try to get into all of your questions, because while I’ve been around most of the country, I’m no expert on camping, and such. But over the years, I have come across a few nice tricks for seeing the world on a budget. Here’s three:

Getting around: If you have a destination in mind but are loathe to try the bus (don’t blame you), check out the Craigslist rideshare section. In it, those who are going places but need a little help with the gas money or maybe just want a traveling buddy get matched with those that need a lift. Post there or answer some ads yourself. I’m sure there’s someone else out there looking to get out of S.F.

Getting paid: If you’re more of a lone wolf AND you’re looking to get paid while you see the country, check out this nifty website:

It’s a service where people who need to get their cars across the country (or from city to city) are matched with drivers who are looking to do a little one-way traveling. Many times, in addition to traveling expenses, you can earn a small fee for your time and trouble, and many companies are flexible about allowing you to sightsee along the way.

Where to sleep: So you REALLY want to sleep for cheap? Fortunately, so do a lot of other young folks, and the Internet has brought them together. Sites like match mooching travelers like yourself with those willing to give up their futons for a night or two. It’s frequently free as long as you share a few tales of your journey.

I do hope this gives you a few places to start. And don’t complain about your prison TOO much. I grew up on a farm 40 minutes from the nearest movie theater, so there are prisons and then there are prisons. I ended up in New York, though, so don’t worry, there’s life after your hometown.

Answer #3

well lets put it this way [fun] BIG CITY-BIG BUCKS [boring] small town-no hotels

Answer #4

well im irish and I thought new orleanes Was cheap

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