How do I go about renting a cheap as van in NZ?

I’m going on holiday over Christmas around New Zealand because I actually haven’t been anywhere in my own country (tisk tisk). All of the campervan rental websites are around $100 a day which a- I don’t want to spend that much and b- I don’t need a campervan, just a van pretty much. I don’t need a shower, toilet, sink… any of that.

Does anybody have any ideas on how I can find somewhere cheap to rent a van? Around $30 or $40 NZD a day?

Answer #1

From what I have seen, to just rent a van, without all the camping stuff is about $60 which is sucky. More people could make it cheaper. Also, you may have difficulty only being 18. Lots of companies will not let you rent a vehicle unless you are 25 or over. So just the north island or the south island too?

Answer #2

Grrr. Lol I’m thinking of actually just buying a cheap van for like $1800 and just keeping it. It could save me some money in the long run, I want to one day travel all over NZ. This time I’m only going a little bit up north (I’m in Orewa just outside of Auckland and I’m going to 90 mile beach maybe..)

Answer #3

If you have someone who is over 25, you could ask them to hire the campervan out for you. Remember, even though the campervan is cheap, you would need to take out insurance too otherwise if you have a single accident or need to make a claim regardless if it is your fault, the excess can be anywhere over $3000 if you only accept the basis insurance cover…..We were planning to go NZ in April, as the airfare was cheap as chips, but after the quakes we had to changed our plans and campervan around Oz in Tasmania in Feb….The sites where my fiancée and I were looking at on the NZ websites were Britz and Apollo, but if you want to buy a cheap van to keep, the backpacker campervans sites do have them…You buy the van off them for $5000 plus, they do have high kms but all are supposedly mechanically sound….You can always buy a portable toilet and shower to use if you do get a cheap van.

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